Monday, January 30, 2006

interface rumors part 12486351

there are yet more revolution interface screens popping up all over the net, so here is the next batch;

this one I couldnt get a picture of but the link will take you to the video. Aestheticaly pleasing, sure but the colours are very dull which is not what we would expect from Nintendo. plus the zelda logo is an obvious bodge job as it has no colour back ground.

gex's revolutionaryness 2/10


video this is another dark dull one, this is uninspired, no logo ect...
gex's revolutionaryness 1.5/10


this done by a joker is so unproffesional it is untrue, but the auther did not intend for it to be seen as real.

gex's revolutionaryness 0.00000001/10

looks absolutly fantastic, claiming to have been taken at a nintendo bimonthly meeting, this has a realy cool looking interface ...unfortinatly it is fake as proven by this picture;

look familier...

gex's revolutionaryness 8.5/10

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rumored american Nintendo DS lite release and price


Got an email from a reader (his name will stay secret JUST incase) just a few minutes ago in which he says this…

I called up my friend NAME DELETED (the Nintendo Rep for my area) and he said that he just got off a conference call with his supervisiors and the DS lite was brought up. He told me, the release date was JUST confirmed before the call and that I was one of the first people to know outside of nintendo. He said that we are looking at a mid-May release in America at a $134.99 price point.

The reader believes it, so I believe the reader…but just for safe keeping this will be a rumor. Thanks to our reader for the info!
I hope for you americans that this is true, and i also hope it will arive in europe soon after, at a similer price point.

Friday, January 27, 2006

an absolute must see.

a lord of the rings style nintendo spoof it is fantastique


Tallon Crab's Arty stuff

Hi! this is Tallon Crab and my post for gex's nintendo news. As you can probably tell from the name Metroid Prime is at the top of my favourite games list, so I'm going to do some"just for fun" pictures about this and loads of other games. Have a browse through!

A fan fiction I wrote

Around 8 months ago at school we were asked to write a short story for English coursework, so I based my story loosely around the metroid series and Samus. I got an A* for it (the highest in the class) so here it is;

The Caged Hunter
She awoke, looked around and realized that she was not where she had fallen asleep. Surrounded by a blue plasma net which she didn't dare touch because if she was where she thought she was then the consequential pain would be unbearable. On the outer of her bird cage shaped cell she was surrounded by her worst enemies, the scum that she had been paid to exterminate from the universe.
She had to escape. She would not let them perform their twisted experiment out on her. She felt her body and shuddered, what had they already done? How long had she been there, sedated?
She felt a metal probe on her shoulder, she was bound to them where ever she was they would know where to find her, unless... She leapt up doing a half somersault so that she landed perfectly on her violated shoulder, breaking the device. That would bring them to her.
She screamed, although normally she wouldn't, it was for their benefit, to lull them into a false sense of security. Six of them rushed in through a hole which had opened up in the blue mesh; each had a tough, black, metallic exoskeleton, evil purple eyes and a gamma beam scythe combination weapon in their jet black skeletal hands. The one in the middle with the largest weapon spoke in a weird tongue, it was the leader, a penturion.
The thing on the far right approached her supposedly crippled body, as soon as it was in range, her right foot lashed out an hit it squarely in the abdomen sending it flying into the net of death. The electric blue plasma surrounded its vile body, burning him from the inside. But it didn't fall from the net, it was stuck, like a fish out of water, squirming hopelessly trying to escape its inevitable termination.
She did a roll, grabbed his fallen weapon before doing a back flip and sending her left foot flying into the leader’s gruesome face. There was a crack, he was dead. She did a flip, spinning around in the air catching the leaders weapon as they both fell to the ground. She landed on her back, stuck her arms out and fired the two huge weapons she had acquired, obliterating the remaining guards,vaporizingg them in under a nanosecond.
She left her cell through the gap that the now deceased had created when they came to tend to her. She raised her arms and fired, taking out perhaps five or six of the monsters either side of her. With these weapons she was invincible. Adrenaline pumping, she was ready for anything they could throw at her. She left the room and entered a small corridor with no windows, gray walls and a cylindrical shape, a feeling of desperation fell upon her as she realized perhaps it was unrealistic to undertake the journey which she had to take to get back to her ship.
She knew exactly where she was going, it wasn't her first visit on a colossus class conflictship. The last one she came across, she snuck on in her combatship through the exhaust shafts, and downloaded the ships schematics before sending five electron missiles into the positronic reactor core blowing it up from the inside, she was paid handsomely for that.
All she had to do was to get out of the genetic research centre where they kept the creatures they had picked up from there scavenging travels, anything from giant sheegoths from the tallon region to war wasp variations from all over the universe. Then there was the sleeping accommodation, the eating quarters and gym. All these wretched beasts ever did was play with their pets, sleep, train and eat, so she was bound to run into the entire 200,000 strong crew in her journey.
Her destination was the hanger on the other side of the ship as this is where her besieged combat ship would be. Unfortunately for her this was about thirteen miles away.
She was in for a long journey.
She hurried down the deserted corridor, charging into the last door on the right, destroying the tungsten hinges as she forced it open. Everything went cold. She turned to her left. There, she saw what first appeared to be a purple tinted mirror, it was her face but the eyes were closed. She moved closer and reached out to press the button to the left of it. The stasis chamber opened. There, stood a naked replica of her body, but it wasn't her, there were titanium tubes leading from it into the casket in which it stood, there were black blade like tattoos all over its body and its fingers were sharp, pointy and inevitably deadly. She spun, frightened of what she might see. What she did see, even her the huntress wouldn't be able to stop. There were about two dozen of these identical copies. Clones like those take longer than a year to grow.
She fell to her knees, placed her face in her hands, and wept.

for some other good metroid based Fanfic try;
and for the massively awesome huntress series metroid galaxy

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The DS lite

Presenting the Nintendo DS. lite. It has brighter screens, the start/select button positions have been moved, the microphone is in a better place (in between the screens) the power light is shown on the redesigned hinge and the logo is on the none clamshell lid.

Name: Nintendo DS Lite
Shipping date: 2nd March 2006 (Japan) (others unknown yet)
Retail price: 16.800 Yen, including tax (equals $145, £82, €121)
Dimensions (when folded): 133.0 (width) × 73.9 (height) × 21.5mm (depth)
Previous dimensions: 148.7 (width) × 84.7 (height) × 28. 9mm (depth)
Difference in dimensions: width=15.7mm, height=10.8mm, depth=7.4mm
Weight: 218g
Previous weight: 275g
Difference in weight:67g
After all that speculation there was a reDeSign hidden in the depths of the Nintendo headquaters I can't wait to at least try it out and perhaps get one, if there is a slow flow of games and I have some spare money.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

metroid prime hunters images

here are some really cool pictures from the upcoming game.


sales update

Software: (total)
01. NDS - Motto Otona no DS Training/Brain Training 2 (Nintendo): 100,538 (946,423)
02. NDS - Oideyo Dobutsu no Mori/Animal Crossing DS (Nintendo): 79,363 (1,644,614)
03. GCN - Super Mario Strikers (Nintendo): 74,209 (74,209)
04. NDS - Otona no DS Training/Brain Training (Nintendo): 48,833 (1,370,336)
05. NDS - Mario Kart DS (Nintendo): 37,821 (1,028,190)
06. PSP - Monster Hunter Portable (Capcom): 28,513 (405,651)
07. NDS - Tamagochi no PuchiPuchi Missechi (Bandai): 22,843 (893,764)
08. NDS - Biohazard Deadly Silence (Capcom): 20,380 (20,380)
09. NDS - Yawaraka Atama (Nintendo): 19,319 (1,043,298)
10. NDS - Mario & Luigi RPG 2 (Nintendo): 18,669 (279,468)

Hardware:(total this year)
NDS: 64,515 (210,177) (we are back on top)
PSP: 38,271 (228,714)
PS2: 26,271 (146,097)
GBASP: 7,912 (35,338)
GBM: 4,653 (22,813)
GCN: 4,490 (23,378)
X360: 3,616 (17,200
GBA: 236 (1,033)
XBX: 83 (358)

life time sales
NDS - 5,857,130
PSP - 2,911,676
NDS Lead - 2,945,454 (double, ha, ha, ha.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer details emerge from Nintendo Power Magazine

It has been revealed that the multiplayer modes for LAN(most of them being available for Nintendo Wi-Fi matchups) will be;
    • Battle: Select Time or Deathlimit. Classic Deathmatch-Mode.
    • Survival: Like Battle but with limited lives.
    • Bounty: Find the Octolith and bring it to your base to get points. The player with the most points wins.
    • Defender: Defend a marked spot on the map. Like King of the Hill.
    • Prime Hunter: One player is the Prime Hunter - if someone kills him, he becomes the Prime Hunter. The one who was Prime Hunter for the longest time wins.
    • Capture: Players team up to steal the enemy’s Octolith and bring it to their base.
    • Nodes: Take control over several beacons. The player with the most nodes wins.
All of these will have a maximum of 4 players and will be available to play using DS download play for those without the game (they must play as samus like MKDS where you must play as Shyguy if you dont have the game). BOTs will also be available for LAN matchups or if you have no friends.

Europe release dates. (man are we screwed)

after seeing this i have decided to import metroid hunters and proberly wario ware twisted as it is still TBC Nintendo what are you waiting for...

24th January 2006 - Nintendo of Europe has unveiled its software line-up for Q2 2006 and Nintendo DS owners are spoilt with the selection of games to choose from, including the eagerly anticipated Metroid Prime: Hunters, the relaxing and beautiful Electroplankton and the incredibly addictive Prof. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? and Big Brain Academy.

Nintendo GameCube has titles launching including Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, ChibiRobo! and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to keep them busy.

The Game Boy Advance will be graced by a selection of great games including Polarium Advance, Drill Dozer and Final Fantasy IV. With so many titles to look forward to in Q2 2006 you won't be able to wait for Spring to come.

Nintendo DS
Title Release Date

Prof. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo)-Q2

Game Fortune Bag (Nintendo) (tentative title)-Q2

Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS (Capcom/Nintendo)-13 April

Top Spin 2 (2K Sports)-7 April

Electroplankton (Nintendo)-21 April

Tetris DS (Nintendo)-21 April

Tamagotchi (Bandai / ATARI) (Exclusive)-21 April

Pokémon Link!-28 April

Trauma Centre: Under the Knife (Nintendo)-28 April

Mini R/C Racing (Game Factory/K.E. Media)-April

Harvest Moon DS (Marvelous/Rising Star Games/Nintendo)-Spring

Beetle King (D3DB)-1 May

Gugu Gugu Naget (Digital Bros)-1 May

Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo)-5 May (Noooooooooooo!)

Super Princess Peach (Nintendo) (tentative title)-26 May

Cameltry (Digital Bros)-30 May

Miss Spider (Game Factory/K.E. Media)-May

Metroid Prime Pinball (Nintendo)-June

Puzzloop (Nintendo) (tentative title)-June

Brick'em all DS (D3DB)-30 June

Dragon Booster (Konami)-Q2


Big Brain Academy (Nintendo)-TBC

Nintendo GameCube
Title Release Date

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody(Marvelous/Rising Star Games/Nintendo)-Spring

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Disney/Buena Vista Games)-April

ChibiRobo! (tentative title)-26 May

Super Monkey Ball Adventure (SEGA)- 2 June

Game Boy Advance
Title Release Date

Polarium Advance-7 April

Top Spin 2 (2K Sports)-7 April

Disney`s The Wild (Disney/Buena Vista Games)EXCLUSIVE-April/June

Garfield and His Nine Lives (Game Factory/KE Media)-April

Drill Dozer (Nintendo) (tentative title)-26 May

Babar 2D - working title (Game Factory/KE Media)-May

Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo)-2 June

Wario Ware Twisted! (Nintendo)-TBC

Nintendo starts 2006 with a fantastic first quarter line-up to boot! Titles soon to launch include Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS, Mario Party 7, Odama and Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble on the Nintendo GameCube and Tales of Phantasia among the titles for Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo DS
Title Release Date

SEGA Casino (Sega)-13 January

Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time (Nintendo)-10 February

World Poker Tour (2K Sports)-January

Bust A Move DS (Digital Bros)-1 February

Nanostray (Majesco/THQ)-3 February

Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 (Bandai/ATARI) EXCLUSIVE-10 February

The Rub Rabbits (SEGA)-10 February

Frogger - Helmet Chaos (Konami)-17 February

Spongebob Squarepants and Friends: Unite (THQ)-17 February

Sea World Adventure Parks: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (Activision)-24 February

Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (Capcom/Nintendo)-24 February

Whac-A-Mole (ZOO Digital)-24 February

Rainbow Island Revolution (Marvelous/Rising Star/ATARI)-February

Disney's Kim Possible Kimmunicator-February

Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge (THQ)-March

WWE (THQ) (Exclusive)-March

FIFA Street 2 (EA)-3rd March

PacMan World 3 (Namco/EA)-17 March

Finding Nemo (THQ)EXCLUSIVE-17th March

Worms (THQ)-17th March

Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo)-31st March

Resident Evil Deadly Silence (Capcom/Nintendo)-31 March

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Capcom/Nintendo)-31 March

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Video Game (Vivendi)-31 March

Nintendo GameCube
Title Release Date

Mario Party 7 (Nintendo)-10 February

PAC-MAN World 3 (Namco/EA)-17 February

Spongebob Squarepants and Friends: Unite (THQ)-17th February

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection (Namco/EA)-24 February

FIFA Street 2 (EA)-3rd March

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (Capcom/Nintendo)-10 March

Sonic Riders (SEGA)-17th March

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Video Game (Vivendi)-24 March

Odama (Nintendo)-31st March

Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge (THQ)-March

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent-March

Game Boy Advance
itle Release Date

Kong: King of Atlantis (Majesco/THQ)-20 January

Big Mutha Truckers (ZOO Digital)-27 January

Ford Racing 3 (ZOO Digital)-27 January

Disney's Kim Possible Drakken's Demise
(Disney/Buena Vista Games)-February

Alien Hominid (ZOO Digital)-3 February

Chicken Shoot 2 (ZOO Digital)-3 February

Power Rangers Space Force Delta (THQ) (Exclusive)-3 February

Scrabble Scramble (ZOO Digital)-3 February

Dora The Explorer (Game Factory/K.E. Media)-10 February

Spongebob Squarepants and Friends: Unite (THQ)-17 February

Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 (Konami)-17 February

Sea World Adventure Parks: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (Activision)-24 February

Whac-A-Mole (ZOO Digital)-24 February

TROLLS: HAIR AFFAIR (Ubisoft)-February/March

Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge (THQ)-March

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection (Namco/EA)-10 March

Postman Pat (Game Factory/K.E. Media)-17 March

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Video Game (Vivendi)-24 March

Street Racing Syndicate (ZOO Digital)-24 March

Brick'em all (D3DB)-30 March

Funny Cards (D3DB)-30 March

Ty 3: Night of the Quinkan (ZOO Digital)-31 March

Tales of Phantasia (Nintendo)-31 March

Not much to be excited about (except Postman Pat) but i am sure most of the Nintendo games will be great *cough* metroid *cough* but coming two months after the U.S release is a bit much for me, so like with animal crossing I must import.

some third party games that will proberly be good and I hope to get are are;
  • worms
  • super monkey ball adventure
  • top spin 2
  • alien hominoid
  • and of course postman pat

The results are in!!!

Recently held a survey these are the results: Total percentages:
  • Nintendo Revolution: 6502 votes - 84.21%
  • Sony PlayStation 3: 3738 votes - 48.41%
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 3575 votes - 46.30%

Market share:
  • Nintendo Revolution: 47.06%
  • Sony PlayStation 3: 27.06%
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 25.88%
now all we need is for these results to turn into sales and perhaps we will be hearing rumors that Nintendo will be buying Microsoft/Sony instead of the other way round.

The real revolution opening screen

Or so the writer says.

First here is what Zeromaru wrote;
"First off, let me apologize, I don't have solid proof as that would be impossible, but you do have my word. My cousin (first cousin, my mother's sister's son) works as a software engineer at an independent developer (I can't say the name of the developer for obvious reasons). And I grew up looking up to this guy, I trust him very much, and I know this is real because he says it is, he took the picture himself with his cameraphone (one of several pictures in fact, but only one came out worth looking at, the rest the TV flickered too much).

Anyway, this developer received a Revolution alpha kit a few weeks ago. My cousin couldn't say what was in it (in terms of specs), but he did give a good description of how the main interface works. First, here it is

Here's the various features he mentioned. He, and I for that matter, hopes that none of these were the "revolutionary" aspects, but they are cool to know, and I like this a lot better than XB360's "Blades".
  • The overall style is inspired by the DS OS. This is probably not final, as the options down bottom are displayed in text rather than icons, and "Calendar" was spelled wrong.
  • The color theme is customizable, like on the DS. The top bar, the cross and selection hairs, the controller signal block, and the glow around the bottom text all follow a specific color scheme (default is blue). Apparently, other items in the interface have yet to include programmable colors. He said that the main menu will follow whatever you set it to, but everywhere else will remain blue.
  • The controller signal box sounds interesting. Each number will highlight green, yellow, or red depending on the signal strength of the controller. Green is normal, yellow is too far away (my cousin saw a noticable lag in response time at a "yellow" distance), and red is out of range. Gray is used for when no controllers are activated for that slot.
  • Further, when the signal box is selected, it enlargens into a calibration mode. Any activated controller turns into a 3d boxed numeral (grayed-out icons stay flat), and the number will move around in the direction as the controller. This allows you to calibrate each controller to remove discrepencies between where and how the controller is positioned and where and how the system thinks the controller is positioned.
Finally, though the front screen looks bland, when you select an option (like Wifi or Settings), all the items "fall off" the grid, which also breaks apart, and pieces go flying around and spinning in all 3 directions for a second or two until they reconfigure into whatever menu the option took you to. That sounds pretty damn cool looking if you ask me. It does the same when backing up, except much faster. It's a shame he couldn't get a video of this.
Well, whaddaya know! This may not be final but at least we got something real to work with! I'm getting more and more excited for Revolution every day! And I'm pretty happy that I get to bring you guys this stuff, I'm just afraid that some people won't believe me."
Me, I like it. I think that the DS has attracted a certain audience and it would seem sensible to make that audience feel at home with the revolution. in the top corner there is "Rev alpha", and I think that Rev would be quite a good name for the console even if the RS (revolution system does sound better). Of course if this is what it is claiming to be, I am sure it will improve in looks before the revolution comes out. I am going to go out on a limb and although it has some faults I think this may have come off a Rev dev kit and this will be similar to what we will eventually see
Gexs Revolutionaryness: 9.5/10

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Eight sensorable movements of the revolution controller!!!

The other day I was thinking of how superior the revolution controller is to the analogue stick and I discovered that it will have 8 plains of movement compared to the analogue sticks 2 (forward/backward and left/right) and the mouse's 3 (forward/backward, left/right and the mouse wheel if you have one) so here is a list of all eight, with animations and possible implementation into games.

Pointing Up/Down
Is sensed by TV mounted sensors.This works like a mouse, and will proberly be implemented into all menu's of games. Possibilities;
  • FPS aim
  • RTS unit select
  • Target selecting

Pointing Left/Right
Is sensed by TV mounted sensors.

This works like a mouse, and will proberly be implemented into all menu's of games. Possibilities;
  • FPS aim
  • RTS unit select
  • Target selecting

Depth perception
Is sensed by TV mounted sensors

This works like a scroll wheel/ the forwards and backwards motion on a analogue stick.
  • walking forward and backwards
  • zooming in and out
  • speeding up and slowing down (racing/flying)

Left to right
sensed by TV mounted sensors
this works like left and right on the analogue stick.
  • strafing
  • sword fighting
up and down sensors
sensed by TV mounted sensors

this is pretty unique.
  • exercise game
  • flying
  • entering morphball in metroid


is sensed by controllers gyroscopes
this sort of imitates a steering wheel or if held vertically a joystick.
  • racing
  • flying
is sensed by controllers gyroscopewhen vertical works like a joystick
  • jumping
  • tetris (rotate blocks)
  • flying
is sensed by the controllers gyroscopes

this is pretty unique
  • roll in flying
  • motor bike game
  • cool gun effects

all I have done in this article is show the individual movements and how they could be used, it gets interesting when you start combining movements, as this makes the possibilities endless. Where as with an analogue stick the most adventurous thing you can do is walk diagonally with this controller you can have a full sword fight, fly a plane or snipe someone realistically and that isn't even using the nunchuka attachment which adds of course two more movement types.

I did not write this article to say the analogue stick is crap (except perhaps the PSPs nubin) I am just trying to show the world that the revolution controller is better!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

cool picture

sales figures

01. NDS Brain Training 2 - Nintendo - 141,307 (845,885)
02. NDS Animal Crossing DS - Nintendo - 50,032 (1,565,251)
03. NDS Brain Training - Nintendo - 49,774 (1,321,504)
04. NDS Mario Kart DS - Nintendo - 39,182 (990,369)
05. PS2 Gun Parade Orchestra - Sony Computer Entertainment - 35,709 NEW
06. PSP Monster Hunter Portable - Capcom - 34,937 (377,138)
07. PS2 Kingdom Hearts II - Square-Enix - 32,880 (1,000,509)
08. NDS Mario & Luigi 2 - Nintendo - 29,639 (260,799)
09. NDS Gentle Brain Exercises - Nintendo - 25,780 (1,023,979)
10. NDS Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop! - Bandai - 24,550 (870,921)

PSP - 57,686
NDS - 54,284 - still limited stock
PS2 - 39,076
GBASP - 9,982
GBM - 6,341
X360 - 6,107
GCN - 5,465
GBA - 233
XBX - 119

life time
NDS - 5,792,615
PSP - 2,873,405
NDS Lead - 2,919,210

the DS has just tallyed up its 1 millionth sale horaah.

some cool links for you

matrix revolution

revolution Vs PS3 (1)

revolution Vs PS3 (2)

the under dog

zelda delayed

controler family tree - shows Nintendos influence in all other controlers

resident evil touch

demonstration revolution video

click the title to see an iteresting video on how the revolution controler may work with some already well established genres of games.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The rumored revolution interfaces

here are the different interfaces that have been floating around the internet over the last few months (sorry about layout problems)

this recent video has got some style. But it isn't Nintendo style. The logo is a bit unimaginative and Nintendo never use capital letters for NINTENDO so I cant see them starting to now.Nintendo traditional use bright colours for this and this dark image doesn't seem like the norm.


this one certainly has a legitimacy claim. It is bold, bright and has been photographed on a TV. It looks all very Nintendo. There seems to be a power bar icon in the top right hand corner which could show the battery power left in the controller. The white cross hairs in the bottom right corner could represent where the controller is pointing which would be a good idea. My major quif with this is the lack of logo, this could be for a number of reasons, it could be due to it not being present on the setting menu, it could be in the top left corner where the picture is cut off, or Nintendo hasn't come up with one yet.


this video also has a Nintendo look about it. The Nintendo RS logo looks almost legit and it does seem that that is what the revolution will be renamed as. The major problem is the introduce a DVD...Part as it just sounds plain dumb.
the rest looks pretty good but the low resolution means it is hard to see what is going on. This claims to be the Beta menu gave to third pate companies by Nintendo.



I think these ones are fantastic. They look really cool and Nintendo, resembling the controller in places. t
.These are pure mock-ups from ign not claiming to be the real thing but I do hope Nintendo has a good look. My one problem is it had the Dpad for browsing where I feel a point and click method would be much better but of course it could use both.




the layout for these came from Nintendo but were developed by another source to conduct a survey. To me they look quite good but not as professional as number 4 but I guess this is what we can expect from the layout which looks clean and easy.



in conclusion:

although some of these look good I have a strong suspicion that we will not see any of these when we plug in our revolutions. Think back to all those controller mock-ups... How many of them came remotely close to what we finally saw at TGS... None of them, sure there was mention of gyroscopes but no one ever imagined we would see the remote control style.

so what I am trying to say is wait till e3 in may where we will finally see the interface because Nintendo are really good at keeping secrets if they want to.

cool video

i just found this it is a kind of advert for the revolution take a look

the revolution video

for people who havent seen it click the title

my revolution summary should be coming soon


i know for those who keep up to date on nintendo news this will be old but for n00bs please click.

i am well anoyed

i just spent the best part of an hour typing up how i got into nintendo and i accidently closed the f%*!#^g browser loosing it all.

so here it is in short...
plyd pkmn & lvd
bort it wit a GBC
lkd it beta thn my PS1
bort GBA
got NGC wit SSBM mnth aftr relese
lvd all ntndo chracts
ave bort mst franchise incarnations since.
imported DS with SM64DS, regret missin N64 will make up for it with buyin a revolution on launch day.

p.s i liv in the U.K that is why i imported DS

Reggie Fils-Aime has some fighting words

Reggie Fils-Aime in a recent interview with CNET said the folloing things:

"This industry is about entertainment, and in the end, he with the best games wins."

"The buzz for the DS is huge and growing, and the most anticipated handheld titles are on our platform, not on Sony's."

"We've shown that sports games can be brought to a new level of immersion with the [Revolution] controller."

"We have partners like EA and Ubisoft and Activision and THQ excited about developing for the Revolution."

In response to how the Revolution will sell: "We will sell more units than Xbox 360 did here in the United States in our launch window. I mean, in December, we sold more GameCubes in the United States than Microsoft sold 360s, and Revolution will do better than that."

good going reggie!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

metroid prime hunters box art!!!

this boxart has been released by nintendo, and i for one am excited about this game. personely i thint this box art is pretty good except the S logo in the circle behind the title is missing but well it wont effect the game.

bring on march i say.

hello everybody!!!

hi and welcome to my blog.

i am hoping to keep you my Nintendo friends up to date with news and articles (aswell as doing some editorials myself [expect bias]) from various websites.