Thursday, October 26, 2006

zelda scans show the "twilight spirit"

zelda scans 2
zelda scans 1

wii uk tour dates

wii tour dates

I will personally be trying to get to the Birmingham University, Bullring and posibly the golf event at the NEC, expect pictures and impressions from all the events I attend.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sony has killed Lik-Sang

Hong Kong, October 24th of 2006 -, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has today announced that it is forced to close down due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony claimed that Lik-Sang infringed its trade marks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers, and have recently obtained a judgment in the High Court of London (England) rendering Lik-Sang's sales of PSP consoles unlawful.

As of today, will not be in the position to accept any new orders and will cancel and refund all existing orders that have already been placed. Furthermore, Lik-Sang is working closely with banks and PayPal to refund any store credits held by the company, and the customer support department is taking care of any open transactions such as pending RMAs or repairs and shipping related matters. The staff of Lik-Sang will make sure that nobody will get hurt in the crossfire of this ordeal.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment directly on the lawsuit against Lik-Sang, but recently went on to tell that "ultimately, we're trying to protect consumers from being sold hardware that does not conform to strict EU or UK consumer safety standards, due to voltage supply differences et cetera; is not - in PS3's case - backwards compatible with either PS1 or PS2 software; will not play European Blu-Ray movies or DVDs; and will not be covered by warranty".

Lik Sang strongly disagrees with Sony's opinion that their customers need this kind of protection and pointed out that PSP consoles shipped from Lik-Sang contained genuine Sony 100V-240V AC Adapters that carry CE and other safety marks and are compatible world wide. All PSP consoles were in conformity with all EU and UK consumer safety regulations.

Furthermore, Sony have failed to disclose to the London High Court that not only the world wide gaming community in more than 100 countries relied on Lik-Sang for their gaming needs, but also Sony Europe's very own top directors repeatedly got their Sony PSP hard or software imports in nicely packed Lik-Sang parcels with free Lik-Sang Mugs or Lik-Sang Badge Holders, starting just two days after Japan's official release, as early as 14th of December 2004 (more than nine months earlier than the legal action). The list of PSP related Sony Europe orders reads like the who's who of the videogames industry, and includes Ray Maguire (Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Alan Duncan (UK Marketing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Chris Sorrell (Creative Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Rob Parkin (Development Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited), just to name a few.

"Today is Sony Europe victory about PSP, tomorrow is Sony Europe’s ongoing pressure about PlayStation 3. With this precedent set, next week could already be the stage for complaints from Sony America about the same thing, or from other console manufacturers about other consoles to other regions, or even from any publisher about any specific software title to any country they don’t see fit. It’s the beginning of the end... of the World as we know it", stated Pascal Clarysse, formerly known as the Marketing Manager of

"Blame it on Sony. That's the latest dark spot in their shameful track record as gaming industry leader. The Empire finally 'won', few dominating retailers from the UK probably will rejoice the news, but everybody else in the gaming world lost something today."

Looks like Sony continues its run of great PR. It's a shame since Lik-Sang was a great site to order imports from and will be sadly missed. Good luck to all the staff in finding new jobs.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Wii invades ign uk

DS Browser Review

Well since I've had a couple of days to play around with it here is my review of the Nintendo DS Browser.

The memory expansion (10mb) and the expander you get with it to make it fit in the packaging.

How the memory expansion shows up (click image for better view)

One of the main reasons I brought this browser was because I didn't want to have to wait for my computer to start up if I wanted to quickly check something like my email or look something up on or wikipedia. In this respect the browser does its job as it is very quick to start up and connect to my network. Related to that fact is that you can log into web based email like gmail, yahoo and hotmail and they all work fine.

You can also control who has access to the browser by setting a password that must be entered before you can use the browser. This could be useful if you have young children and want to control when they can use it.

No password no access to the browser

The interface for the browser is good and takes hardly anytime to get used to. It has a simple layout but can sometimes take a while to respond if you are loading a page. The choice between SSR and overview are nice with SSR being suited to text heavy pages while overview is suited to image heavy pages.

Virtual keyboard

Controls along the bottom from left to right:

Back, Forward, Stop/reload, History, URL, Bookmark, Search, Settings, Help, Switch display mode, Images on/off, zoom, swap screens (overview mode)/top to bottom of page (SSR mode)

Handwriting Area

Nintendo UK site is Overview mode

Nintendo UK site in SSR Mode


First off there is a lot of things the browser doesn't support, this shouldn't be a surprise considering overal it has 100Mhz processor and 14mb of RAM to work with. The list of things is:

  • flash (that means no Youtube)
  • movie files
  • sound files
  • pdf files (if you make them appear in a google search it can read them as html)
  • java (so no online games like runescape)
  • downloading of files

There is also some stuff it doesn't support like digging stories on digg and google rss reader and calender don't seem to work.

There is also quite a few things they could of done to make the user experince better:

  • allow copying and pasting
  • let the user view any picture on a website by itself (for example if firefox you right click and view image)
  • allow tabs (ok this might not be possible with the RAM aviable but it still would of been nice)
  • save the cookies when the machine turns off so you don't have to keep signing back in
  • allow the user to set the homepage (you can say what links you want on it but you can't tell it to automatically load for example)

The time is from me pressing the enter button to the browser reporting it had finished loading. For each test I loaded the homepage of each site and didn't try and do anything while it was loading. Times are in minutes:seconds.

Sites Pictures No Pics 01:36 00:19 00:31 00:21 02:09 02:10 01:49 01:11 01:58 01:02 06:58 05:17 01:52 00:47 01:20 00:46 00:04 00:03 02:24 01:11 00:57 00:31 01:20 00:36 01:04 00:53 01:08 00:17 00:56 00:46 01:28 01:07


If your using the browser for simple things like checking email and looking things up on wikipedia then it works fine just dont expect it to be anywhere near as fast as your computer. Overal for the current price of £30 (if your looking to import check out lik-sang) I'm not sure its worth it considering how few things are supported and how slow it is. Heres hoping the Wii version is better.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

hilarious wiind waker

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Questions about the DS Browser

Since I have now got a DS Browser is there any questions your want to ask or any sites you want me to time to see how long it takes to load? If so leave comments and I'll include them in my review which should be up over the weekend.

Nintendo advertising Wii with DS browser

Seems like Nintendo is trying to attract DS Fans to the Wii as this advert is including with the DS Browser.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wii Goodies from

I havnt heard of some of these before (Tennis/golf shells???) lets hope its all true, here is the list with links to the item pages and prices.
Officially Licensed Messenger Console Bag (Wii)
Officially Licensed Messenger Console Bag (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £29.99 is; £24.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £5.00 (17%)
Officially Licensed Game & Accessory Case (Wii)
Officially Licensed Game & Accessory Case (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was ;£14.99 is; £12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Blue & Red (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Blue & Red (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £9.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin: Black (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin: Black (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Pink & Green (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Pink & Green (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £9.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin: Blue (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin: Blue (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Black & White (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin Twin Pack: Black & White (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £9.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin: Pink (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin: Pink (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Controller Silicon Skin: Red (Wii)
Controller Silicon Skin: Red (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!

Controller Skin Double Pack (Wii)
Controller Skin Double Pack (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Cube Controller (Wii)
Cube Controller (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £9.99 £8.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £1.00 (10%)

Controller Skin Mega-7-Pack (Wii)
Controller Skin Mega-7-Pack (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £12.99 is; £9.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £3.00 (23%)
Cube Mini Controller (Wii)
Cube Mini Controller (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new:was; £9.99 is; £8.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £1.00 (10%)
Controller Skin Double Pack (Wii)
Controller Skin Double Pack (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: £5.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
Console Stand (Wii)
Console Stand (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £14.99 is; £12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Cube Controller plus 512MB SD Memory Card (Wii)
Cube Controller plus 512MB SD Memory Card (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £29.99 is;£24.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £5.00 (17%)
Storage Bag (Wii)
Storage Bag (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new:was; £14.99 is £12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Cube Controller plus 16MB Memory Card (Wii)
Cube Controller plus 16MB Memory Card (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was;£14.99 is;£12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Tennis Racket Controller Shell (Wii)
Tennis Racket Controller Shell (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £14.99 is;£12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Tennis Racket Controller Shell Twin Pack (Wii)
Tennis Racket Controller Shell Twin Pack (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was;£22.99 is;£19.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £3.00 (13%)
Golf Club Controller Shell (Wii)
Golf Club Controller Shell (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new:was; £14.99 is;£12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)
Mega Max Bag (Wii)
Mega Max Bag (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new:was; £19.99 is;£16.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £3.00 (15%)
Sling Bag (Wii)
Sling Bag (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was;£24.99 is;£19.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £5.00 (20%)
Game Case (Wii)
Game Case (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new:was; £9.99 is;£8.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £1.00 (10%)
Steering Wheel Controller Shell (Wii)
Steering Wheel Controller Shell (Wii) (Nintendo Wii)
Buy new: was; £14.99 is;£12.99 Coming soon--advance order now!
You save: £2.00 (13%)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 has set its Wii prices

Well since i was on Amazon ordering the DS browser (more on this when it arrives) I thought I'd just mention that everything Wii related is up for preorder at the following prices:

Classic Controller £15
Games £40
Nunchuck £15
Wiimote £30

and the top 10 was

1) Wii Play
2) Nunchuck
3) Legend of Zelda TP
4) Wiimote
5) Classic Controller
6) Super Mario Galaxy
7) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
8) Super Monkey Ball
9) Metriod Prime 3
10) Excite Truck

Monday, October 16, 2006

The gadget show give away a Wii

was watching the gadget show here in the UK when they showed the competition, among the prizes was a Wii link

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ramblings of an inteligent fool. Pt1

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princes, is a game of epic proportions, possibly the most anticipated game since The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time which broke down barriers between RPG and Action-Adventure and was critically and still is acclaimed as the greatest game of all time... well until this winter that is. Twilight Princess has been promised to beat the greatest game of all time in all factors, its gonna be bigger, its gonna look better, its gonna take longer and its gonna have horseback combat. We can be almost certain that this game has been in the works since the Japanese release of the Wind Waker back in December 2002, which puts a 4 year development cycle on it, in retrospect the first world war took about the same time, so we can be sure a lot has been done. We cant be sure how many renditions of the game Nintendo have gone through, perhaps they started with ideas of a wind Waker style, how ever I think not, at Nintendo's Space world event in 2001 a short clip was shown which showed a realistic Link fighting Ganondorf, although the character models now look dated compared to the Twilight Princess ones, it appears the original plan was to have a realistic Link, we may never know why the idea for this was dropped and we were given Wind Waker but we know the idea for the real looking Link for Gamecube has been there for at least 5 years properly since the release of Ocarina Of Time on the N64 back in 1998, as we have had Shigeru Miyamoto say his dream was always to have Link fight on horse back with his sword which is one of the biggest draws to Twilight Princess. So, 8 years in the making (well almost) and a console jump to the Wii as a primary retail focus, will we be disappointed if it only gets 90% as an average review result, potentially yes, this game has entered god like state in most Nintendo fan boys/girls heads and is going to be the holy grail when it comes to Wii launch day. I would not be surprised if Wii to Twilight Princess sales ratio exceeds 2:1 on the Wiis part, if I was Nintendo I would have a copy ready for every Wii just in case.
Is Twilight Princess the perfect launch title?
I would say no. I believe that Twilight Princess is killing Wii sales as I speak. You may already have heard recent reports that there are already 2 million Wii ready and waiting in storage for dispatch, 2 MILLLION, that is easily enough for a launch about 4 times that of what Sony expects for its PS3. So why haven’t we got our Wiis yet. The answer is Twilight Princess. With out Twilight Princess being ready, Nintendo doesn’t have there Killer App for launch, how can the Wii expect to succeed among the hardcore if there is no really solid title there for the launch, of course there is Red Steel, but its not something you would want to experience with the family. Consider lord of the rings trilogy, they are a set fantastic films which broke box office records each time one was released take this as twilight princess, they have similar themes and settings and even the most non-gamer after seeing LOTR and TP next to each other could find the comparisons and are great for everyone to enjoy. Now for Red Steel, lets take the Kill Bill films, fantastic films, but not the sort you want to sit around and watch granddad and 4 year old cousin. I’m not saying you will play Zelda with your granddad but I am saying that it would be an experience for them to watch you play and get into the story, and isn’t that what the Wii is about, getting the family involved, so in that aspect Twilight Princess is the perfect launch title a game for the hardcore which can appeal to the masses (even if it has a teen rating).
But is it worth the delay of the console… well in my opinion yes, if Nintendo hadn’t promised Zelda at launch, who knows what might have happened, my guess it would have been delayed again so they could ass some more stuff, but after one years of delay and a switch to another console, I think this is gonna be the best game ever anyway without having to add anything off.

If E=MC-squared the Zelda will rock.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Studio behind Viewtiful Joe is dead

Well it seems the Viewtiful Joes might of been fun but they obviosouly didn't make enough money as Capcom as closed the Clover Studio. For anybody that has a PS2 they also made Okami which looks like a very good Zelda type game and reviecved very high ratings. Overall this is very sad as the studio seems to fit perfectly into Nintendo's vision of gameplay being more important than graphics.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ever so sorry...

Im really sorry there have been no updates over the past week and a half, but school has been hard and so some of the small but interesting news has been passed by.

Wi production rate has been higher than expected. According to UBS 2 million Wii have already been produced and are awaiting release in storage, also they said "at least 7 mln and potentially as high as 9 mln more units are in the build plan for 4Q06." which is a huge contrast to nintendos predictions of 4mln by the end of the year. link

This image released from a American game shops database seemed to point to a earlier release for the Wii, OMG... but it is proberly fake but it does make sense with the apparent abundance of Wii already produced link

And today we have had a press conference in Japan out lining some Wii details including launch titles; link


nd="12">- Wii Sports (Nintendo)
- Wario Ware Smooth Moves (Nintendo)
- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo)
- Hajimete no Wii: Your First Step To Wii (Nintendo)
- Wing Island (Hudson)
- SD Gundam Revolution (Bandai Namco)
- Elebits (Konami)
- Ennichi no Tatsujin (Bandai Namco)
- Trauma Center: Second Opinion [Trauma Center] (Atlus)
- Crayon Shin-Chan: Saikyou Kazoku Kasukabe King Wii (Banpresto)
- Red Steel (Ubisoft)
- Necro-Nesia (Spike)
- Tamagotchi no Pika Pika Daito-ryo-! (Bandai Namco)
- Crayon Shin-Chan: Saikyou Kazoku Kasukabe King Wii (Banpresto)
- Kororinpa (Hudson)
- Swing Golf Pangya (Tecmo)
- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Sega)

December 14th

- Bleach: Wii Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoku (Sega)
- Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft)

December 21st

- Need For Speed Carbon (EA)

December in general Cooking Mama: Cooking with International Friends (Taito)
- Sengoku Musou Wave (Koei)
- Mahjong Taikai Wii (Koei(
- Furi Furi (Taito)

other main points from the confrence

● Miyamoto has just announced “Health Pack” (code name) for Wii (related to Family Health Check)
● A new cooking guide titled “DS Menu Collection” (similar to cooking Navi) for DS announced, and will have 1000 built-in recipes The new cooking game has a magnet stand so you can put your DS on your fridge while you cook. Magnet stand costs 1200yen. It’s also Wi-Fi compatible. No idea what for yet.
● Wii-Experience videos (New videos at - we posted on this earlier)
● From Next Spring, “Wii Compact Software” will be sold… presumably, these are downloadable games (i.e., no disc or manual).
● 18 Wii games for Japan in 2006
● The plan is similar to DS strategy
● Big Brain Academy for 2007 Spring
● Around 60 Virtual Console games before the end of 2006, including PCE and MD.
● Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube will be sold online only in Japan.

● Wii points Prepaid card
● Wii points Prepaid card 1000 (1000 yen) - 1000 Wii points
● Wii points Prepaid card 3000 (3000 yen) - 3000 Wii points
● Wii points Prepaid card 5000 (5000 yen) - 5000 Wii points (if you buy the 5000 point card, you get a Virtual Console controller free)
● Power brick 3,000 Yen
●Composite 1,000 Yen
● S-Video 2,500 Yen
● D terminal 2,500 Yen
● Component 2,500 Yen
● 512MB SD 3,800 Yen
● Wired LAN Adapter 2,800 Yen