Thursday, January 26, 2006

The DS lite

Presenting the Nintendo DS. lite. It has brighter screens, the start/select button positions have been moved, the microphone is in a better place (in between the screens) the power light is shown on the redesigned hinge and the logo is on the none clamshell lid.

Name: Nintendo DS Lite
Shipping date: 2nd March 2006 (Japan) (others unknown yet)
Retail price: 16.800 Yen, including tax (equals $145, £82, €121)
Dimensions (when folded): 133.0 (width) × 73.9 (height) × 21.5mm (depth)
Previous dimensions: 148.7 (width) × 84.7 (height) × 28. 9mm (depth)
Difference in dimensions: width=15.7mm, height=10.8mm, depth=7.4mm
Weight: 218g
Previous weight: 275g
Difference in weight:67g
After all that speculation there was a reDeSign hidden in the depths of the Nintendo headquaters I can't wait to at least try it out and perhaps get one, if there is a slow flow of games and I have some spare money.


At 7:06 PM, Blogger tallon crab said...

This I think is better than the original


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