Monday, January 30, 2006

interface rumors part 12486351

there are yet more revolution interface screens popping up all over the net, so here is the next batch;

this one I couldnt get a picture of but the link will take you to the video. Aestheticaly pleasing, sure but the colours are very dull which is not what we would expect from Nintendo. plus the zelda logo is an obvious bodge job as it has no colour back ground.

gex's revolutionaryness 2/10


video this is another dark dull one, this is uninspired, no logo ect...
gex's revolutionaryness 1.5/10


this done by a joker is so unproffesional it is untrue, but the auther did not intend for it to be seen as real.

gex's revolutionaryness 0.00000001/10

looks absolutly fantastic, claiming to have been taken at a nintendo bimonthly meeting, this has a realy cool looking interface ...unfortinatly it is fake as proven by this picture;

look familier...

gex's revolutionaryness 8.5/10


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