Thursday, January 19, 2006

The rumored revolution interfaces

here are the different interfaces that have been floating around the internet over the last few months (sorry about layout problems)

this recent video has got some style. But it isn't Nintendo style. The logo is a bit unimaginative and Nintendo never use capital letters for NINTENDO so I cant see them starting to now.Nintendo traditional use bright colours for this and this dark image doesn't seem like the norm.


this one certainly has a legitimacy claim. It is bold, bright and has been photographed on a TV. It looks all very Nintendo. There seems to be a power bar icon in the top right hand corner which could show the battery power left in the controller. The white cross hairs in the bottom right corner could represent where the controller is pointing which would be a good idea. My major quif with this is the lack of logo, this could be for a number of reasons, it could be due to it not being present on the setting menu, it could be in the top left corner where the picture is cut off, or Nintendo hasn't come up with one yet.


this video also has a Nintendo look about it. The Nintendo RS logo looks almost legit and it does seem that that is what the revolution will be renamed as. The major problem is the introduce a DVD...Part as it just sounds plain dumb.
the rest looks pretty good but the low resolution means it is hard to see what is going on. This claims to be the Beta menu gave to third pate companies by Nintendo.



I think these ones are fantastic. They look really cool and Nintendo, resembling the controller in places. t
.These are pure mock-ups from ign not claiming to be the real thing but I do hope Nintendo has a good look. My one problem is it had the Dpad for browsing where I feel a point and click method would be much better but of course it could use both.




the layout for these came from Nintendo but were developed by another source to conduct a survey. To me they look quite good but not as professional as number 4 but I guess this is what we can expect from the layout which looks clean and easy.



in conclusion:

although some of these look good I have a strong suspicion that we will not see any of these when we plug in our revolutions. Think back to all those controller mock-ups... How many of them came remotely close to what we finally saw at TGS... None of them, sure there was mention of gyroscopes but no one ever imagined we would see the remote control style.

so what I am trying to say is wait till e3 in may where we will finally see the interface because Nintendo are really good at keeping secrets if they want to.


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