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Tons of Twilight princess info from different preveiws *SPOILERS*

codename revolution have gathered together info from all the twilight princess previews from the recent event, be warned spoilers follow:

Advanced Media Network
  • Game takes place 100 years after the events of Ocarina of Time.
  • When you catch a fish you can hand it over to the local shop owner’s cat in return for a bottle so you can store a health potion.
  • Gamers will draw similarities between both Forest Temples from OoT and TP although this new Zelda is much prettier and features new gameplay elements etc.
  • You won’t have full 3D camera control as you did in Wind Waker.
  • Controls take time to get used to, about 30 minutes was enough.


  • As Wolf Link you can speak to the chicken that you may have “terrorized” when you were regular Link.
  • Howling is important as music/tunes was in Wind Waker. It’s based on the pitch of the howl.
  • Midna is the best character to come out of Nintendo in years says GameDaily.

Game Informer

  • According to Game Informer the game takes place “several hundred years” after the end of OoT.
  • It took four hours to reach the first dungeon and that was rushed through, meaning not as much exploring, talking to villagers, rupees digging and looking for secrets was done.
  • The graphics in the game is what would max out the Gamecube’s capabilities, but the Wii in general is still “ways off”.
  • You can expect multiple swords, shields and tunics in the game.
  • You end up near a giant wall of Twilight (as seen in the trailer) where a massive hand takes Link into the Twilight Realm.
  • Zelda can tell that the wolf is the hero with the look of his eyes.
  • You must collect “tears” (from the insect-like creatures in the realm) in order to break the wall of Twilight so you can turn back to normal.
  • The game has a larger level of cinematic quality compared to other Zelda games.
  • Link’s expression is better than what has been seen in any other Zelda game which can be noticed from the body language and he feels ashamed, hurt, angry, upset etc.
  • Midna is a character you’ll love to hate and the level of interaction between Midna and Link is huge that Midna even treats Link as her slave.
  • Character development in the game is bigger than past Zelda games in the sense that you get to know more about the people in your town like what they do, about their families etc.
  • One of the speaker’s cue’s are “Zelda discovery” noise, unfortunately the quality isn’t the greatest.
  • Controlling Link’s sword attacks is just “too much fun” and worked 100% of the time.
  • Wii version is the definitive version.


  • Graphics are like a high end Gamecube title with enhanced shaders although in the Twilight Realm it has a cleaner edge.
  • Controls are not horrible and not stellar and Wolf attacking is the only major disappointment in battle.
  • Wolf Link has the ability to howl, a real-time music interactive where you control the pitch.
  • Fishing might be the most natural use of the Wii-mote in the whole game.
  • Game doesn’t utilize motion as well as games built for the Wii from the ground up.
  • When you restore power back to Ordona, she restores you back to regular Link but this time you’ll be wearing the famous traditional green tunic for the very first time.
  • First dungeon starts after three or four hours of gameplay.
  • The Wind Boomerang allows for “small tornado-like funnels of air” attacks.
  • The first dungeon also featured bomb-flowers to flesh-eating plants.
  • Name of the first dungeon boss is Diababa.
  • After defeating Diababa you get the Gale Boomerang.
  • Midna collects a “floating object” which is a piece of “fused shadow” after the first dungeon boss and you’ll need to collect the next two in the second and third dungeons.
  • Gamespy says the Wii controls worked while the “iffy” part of Zelda is that the game might be too long for some gamers.


  • Gamespot is still not sure about the new control scheme but they are “leaning” towards being cool with it.
  • Midna is more about her own “agenda” and is “kind of a punk”. She also has some kind of a relationship with Zelda and she knows more than she’s really telling Link.
  • Link’s “birthmark” is important as it is Tri-Force shaped on the top of his right hand and goes all funny when you enter the Twilight Realm as you shape into a wolf.
  • A friendly “bird-like” creature (as seen in the trailers) helps you to port you out of dungeons and she has a son who is part of one of the dungeons.
  • We can really look foward to at least a minimum of a 50-plus-hour adventure with Twilight Princess although Nintendo claims 70+ hours. Still it’ll keep you busy through the holidays and beyond.
  • All the whining and complaining about not getting the Wii version is “all crap” says Matt. Matt says that Nintendo should have scrapped the GCN version altogether.
  • Nobody complained about arms getting tired, nobody felt the continuity of the game universe and nobody complained about Link being a right-hander.
  • The “gift” that has to be sent to Hyrule is the handmade Ordon Sword and Shield.
  • Zelda takes 70+ hours long to finish the game with nine dungeons in all
  • Seven special sword techniques learned from the “ghosts” of Hyrulean warriors
  • As a Wolf you can speak to animals and sense spirits
  • Beginning Story: Kids chase a monkey through the forest, Link takes a wooden sword after them…adventure continues till goblins burst into the village…the story goes on from Link’s capture as a wolf to meeting Midna in the Twilight Realm…Twilight Princess is Zelda who speaks about the Twilight King invading the castle and Zelda had to make a choice to surrender and allow the citizens to live on as spirits or die, Link is unique because instead of becoming a spirit he became a wolf
  • Forest Story: Link comes back from the Twilight Realm but as a wolf but finds himself being blamed for by the townsfolk for the missing children, Midna tells Link that he must find a sword and shield, later Link meets Ordona (a forest spirit) at the healing spring and makes a deal that in order to turn back into regular Link, he has to track down the twilight monsters who stole her power…Link goes back to the Twilight Realm to find insect-like creatures…after gaining enough of the spirit’s power Ordona recovers Link back to regular form…(the first dungeon hasn’t even started)…Link enters the Forest Temple…you defeat a monkey king to get a Wind boomerang…Link has to rescue all the monkeys and once he does, they help him to the boss’s room where the Deku-parasite (the first dungeon boss who is three-headed) awaits (use boomerang to defeat him).
  • Visual design is far more beautiful than just about anything else out there
  • Twilight Princess feels like a polished, expanded, refined and perfected OoT


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