Friday, January 27, 2006

A fan fiction I wrote

Around 8 months ago at school we were asked to write a short story for English coursework, so I based my story loosely around the metroid series and Samus. I got an A* for it (the highest in the class) so here it is;

The Caged Hunter
She awoke, looked around and realized that she was not where she had fallen asleep. Surrounded by a blue plasma net which she didn't dare touch because if she was where she thought she was then the consequential pain would be unbearable. On the outer of her bird cage shaped cell she was surrounded by her worst enemies, the scum that she had been paid to exterminate from the universe.
She had to escape. She would not let them perform their twisted experiment out on her. She felt her body and shuddered, what had they already done? How long had she been there, sedated?
She felt a metal probe on her shoulder, she was bound to them where ever she was they would know where to find her, unless... She leapt up doing a half somersault so that she landed perfectly on her violated shoulder, breaking the device. That would bring them to her.
She screamed, although normally she wouldn't, it was for their benefit, to lull them into a false sense of security. Six of them rushed in through a hole which had opened up in the blue mesh; each had a tough, black, metallic exoskeleton, evil purple eyes and a gamma beam scythe combination weapon in their jet black skeletal hands. The one in the middle with the largest weapon spoke in a weird tongue, it was the leader, a penturion.
The thing on the far right approached her supposedly crippled body, as soon as it was in range, her right foot lashed out an hit it squarely in the abdomen sending it flying into the net of death. The electric blue plasma surrounded its vile body, burning him from the inside. But it didn't fall from the net, it was stuck, like a fish out of water, squirming hopelessly trying to escape its inevitable termination.
She did a roll, grabbed his fallen weapon before doing a back flip and sending her left foot flying into the leader’s gruesome face. There was a crack, he was dead. She did a flip, spinning around in the air catching the leaders weapon as they both fell to the ground. She landed on her back, stuck her arms out and fired the two huge weapons she had acquired, obliterating the remaining guards,vaporizingg them in under a nanosecond.
She left her cell through the gap that the now deceased had created when they came to tend to her. She raised her arms and fired, taking out perhaps five or six of the monsters either side of her. With these weapons she was invincible. Adrenaline pumping, she was ready for anything they could throw at her. She left the room and entered a small corridor with no windows, gray walls and a cylindrical shape, a feeling of desperation fell upon her as she realized perhaps it was unrealistic to undertake the journey which she had to take to get back to her ship.
She knew exactly where she was going, it wasn't her first visit on a colossus class conflictship. The last one she came across, she snuck on in her combatship through the exhaust shafts, and downloaded the ships schematics before sending five electron missiles into the positronic reactor core blowing it up from the inside, she was paid handsomely for that.
All she had to do was to get out of the genetic research centre where they kept the creatures they had picked up from there scavenging travels, anything from giant sheegoths from the tallon region to war wasp variations from all over the universe. Then there was the sleeping accommodation, the eating quarters and gym. All these wretched beasts ever did was play with their pets, sleep, train and eat, so she was bound to run into the entire 200,000 strong crew in her journey.
Her destination was the hanger on the other side of the ship as this is where her besieged combat ship would be. Unfortunately for her this was about thirteen miles away.
She was in for a long journey.
She hurried down the deserted corridor, charging into the last door on the right, destroying the tungsten hinges as she forced it open. Everything went cold. She turned to her left. There, she saw what first appeared to be a purple tinted mirror, it was her face but the eyes were closed. She moved closer and reached out to press the button to the left of it. The stasis chamber opened. There, stood a naked replica of her body, but it wasn't her, there were titanium tubes leading from it into the casket in which it stood, there were black blade like tattoos all over its body and its fingers were sharp, pointy and inevitably deadly. She spun, frightened of what she might see. What she did see, even her the huntress wouldn't be able to stop. There were about two dozen of these identical copies. Clones like those take longer than a year to grow.
She fell to her knees, placed her face in her hands, and wept.

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