Friday, October 13, 2006

Ramblings of an inteligent fool. Pt1

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princes, is a game of epic proportions, possibly the most anticipated game since The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time which broke down barriers between RPG and Action-Adventure and was critically and still is acclaimed as the greatest game of all time... well until this winter that is. Twilight Princess has been promised to beat the greatest game of all time in all factors, its gonna be bigger, its gonna look better, its gonna take longer and its gonna have horseback combat. We can be almost certain that this game has been in the works since the Japanese release of the Wind Waker back in December 2002, which puts a 4 year development cycle on it, in retrospect the first world war took about the same time, so we can be sure a lot has been done. We cant be sure how many renditions of the game Nintendo have gone through, perhaps they started with ideas of a wind Waker style, how ever I think not, at Nintendo's Space world event in 2001 a short clip was shown which showed a realistic Link fighting Ganondorf, although the character models now look dated compared to the Twilight Princess ones, it appears the original plan was to have a realistic Link, we may never know why the idea for this was dropped and we were given Wind Waker but we know the idea for the real looking Link for Gamecube has been there for at least 5 years properly since the release of Ocarina Of Time on the N64 back in 1998, as we have had Shigeru Miyamoto say his dream was always to have Link fight on horse back with his sword which is one of the biggest draws to Twilight Princess. So, 8 years in the making (well almost) and a console jump to the Wii as a primary retail focus, will we be disappointed if it only gets 90% as an average review result, potentially yes, this game has entered god like state in most Nintendo fan boys/girls heads and is going to be the holy grail when it comes to Wii launch day. I would not be surprised if Wii to Twilight Princess sales ratio exceeds 2:1 on the Wiis part, if I was Nintendo I would have a copy ready for every Wii just in case.
Is Twilight Princess the perfect launch title?
I would say no. I believe that Twilight Princess is killing Wii sales as I speak. You may already have heard recent reports that there are already 2 million Wii ready and waiting in storage for dispatch, 2 MILLLION, that is easily enough for a launch about 4 times that of what Sony expects for its PS3. So why haven’t we got our Wiis yet. The answer is Twilight Princess. With out Twilight Princess being ready, Nintendo doesn’t have there Killer App for launch, how can the Wii expect to succeed among the hardcore if there is no really solid title there for the launch, of course there is Red Steel, but its not something you would want to experience with the family. Consider lord of the rings trilogy, they are a set fantastic films which broke box office records each time one was released take this as twilight princess, they have similar themes and settings and even the most non-gamer after seeing LOTR and TP next to each other could find the comparisons and are great for everyone to enjoy. Now for Red Steel, lets take the Kill Bill films, fantastic films, but not the sort you want to sit around and watch granddad and 4 year old cousin. I’m not saying you will play Zelda with your granddad but I am saying that it would be an experience for them to watch you play and get into the story, and isn’t that what the Wii is about, getting the family involved, so in that aspect Twilight Princess is the perfect launch title a game for the hardcore which can appeal to the masses (even if it has a teen rating).
But is it worth the delay of the console… well in my opinion yes, if Nintendo hadn’t promised Zelda at launch, who knows what might have happened, my guess it would have been delayed again so they could ass some more stuff, but after one years of delay and a switch to another console, I think this is gonna be the best game ever anyway without having to add anything off.

If E=MC-squared the Zelda will rock.


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