Sunday, February 05, 2006

Reggie Fils-Aime @ the D.I.C.E Summit

Session:Expanding the Market for Interactive Entertainment

Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing will present their vision of the future.

Date/Time:February 9, 2006 - Thursday
9:30 AM—10:15 AM

The Reganator will be a key speaker at this years D.I.C.E summit in Vegas.

Here are some of the things which he may talk about;
  1. The success of the DS and the Wi-Fi connection- I am sure he will bost about sales figures and the success of new inovative franchises (nintendogs, brain training) attracting new audiences- chance:99.99%
  2. Targets for the Revolution- may admitt Gamecube sales are a dissapointment and set sales targets for the revolution - chance:70%
  3. Anounce the real name of the Revolution- answer the question that is on everyones lips- chance:30%(will leave it to Iwata at GDC in march)
  4. Show Revolution footage- May show another Video like the the one at TGS with people using the controler or a clipit of a game or two such as super smash bros, metroid prime 3 and the long awaited Mario 128- chance:40%
  5. Will confirm the Zelda TP rumers about Revolutionary compatibility- This could be the time if it is true to tell the public officialy, as seem as people already know thanks to NGC magazine that this will be the case i think it would be stupid for Nintendo to keep it a "secret" for as long as possible (if NGC are telling the truth)- chance:45%
  6. Will show the two other DSlite colours- with its release only a month away in Japan, this is the last large event to show them- chance:85%
  7. will anounce DSLite release details for the U.S.- although we already have suspision to believe that it will be released mid May, it it likely that it will be officialy reveiled on thursday-chance:90%
  8. the revolutions "other feature"- we know there is something yet to be reveiled thanks to shigeru but I think they will save it for E3 in May-chance:10%
  9. Revolution games anounced- possibly some titles from third parties will be anounced- chance:35%
  10. will show a video of developers comments on the revolution-like at TGS the lack of game footage may be compensated by some possitive comments - chance:65%
  11. will reveil that the revolution will play biscuits and make toast- ???-chance:0.00000000000000000000000000056%
I am sure we will be told at least one thing we dont already know but dont get your hopes up, anything big will be saved for GDC or E3.check back on thursday for all the info.


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