Monday, July 24, 2006

Targets, profits and a DS every 2 seconds reports;
The continuing success of DS has encouraged Nintendo to reforecast its profits for the year ahead, up from $556 million to $711 million. The company says it expects to sell 6 million Wii consoles and 17 million Wii games this financial year.
The company announced today that its profits for its first quarter were up 10 percent on strong sales of DS, boosted by DS Lite. Net income was up to 15.6 billion yen ($134 million) in the three months ended June 30, from $120 million yen this time last year.

The firm says it now expects sales of $5.4 billion as opposed to $5.11 billion.

For the quarter ended June 30, Nintendo sold 4.54 million DS and DS Lite units, up from 1.38 million last year. Sales of DS software titles rose from 5.3 million to 18.4 million.

Analyst Jay Defibaugh from Credit Suisse in Tokyo said, "On the handheld side they've been enormously successful with the touch-generation approach. The most recent data shows there has been an improvement in the North American market, with the introduction of DS Lite.''

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said that the company is selling machines as fast as it can make them.

On Wii, Nintendo maintained its forecast of 6 million consoles and 17 million games sold by March 2007.

Also it was anounced that 21 million DS's have been sold since its launch, that equates to one every 2 seconds that means that since you started reading this article about 45, no... 46 no... 47 DS's have been sold, now its 50 annnnnnd 51, and so on, 52.


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