Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Could Wii get a surprise launch

Recent reports from CNN suggests that final retail versions of the Wii started being made on the 21st of June;
"the company appears to be already manufacturing final retail units of the Wii, according to a June 21st analyst's note from P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research."
This evidence supports my last post in which HMV of the UK are already promoting the Wii big time, perhaps they know something we don't???

Also in this report it is stated the Xbox360 started production 69 days before it was released, now assuming that it is the exact same case with the Wii (although I am sure it wont be) that would put a launch date around... the end of august, but to me this may be a over statement as I believe that a Wii will take far less time to produce than a 360 as it has far less technical components such as 3 processing cores (*cough* waste of space *cough*) so this potentially puts a release date before September, possibly mid August. Now isn't there a large European conference around these dates... oh yes there is the GCDC (Games Convention Developer Conference) which will take place from August 21-23 in Leipzig, Germany. Could Nintendo pull an apple and arrive at the convention announcing that the Wii will go on sale that week. Nintendo have said that we will find out the release date before September, perhaps this is because the release date is before September.

CNN article


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