Monday, July 10, 2006

The DS download stations are cool...

so like i said i went to check one out today, it worked great, the options available was;
  • mario kart demo
  • brain age demo
  • metroid video
  • metroid demo
  • trauma center demo
  • and what I tried out, the touch golf game
Because i was in a rush i downloaded the touch golf which took about 2 minute and closed my DS to play it later. It also looked like there is animal crossing and nintendog rewards so I will try that tommorow as I will be visiting the solihul ones. Anyway back to the touch golf demo, it gave you a 9 hole half course to play on which playing it has actually convinced me to buy the game as the controls are really good and definatly worth a try, so get out there and find a demo station near you.


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