Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nintendo you cheeky buggas. *Update* im sold

First read nintendo's press release, the start is rather funny but it does make you want to hit who-ever wrote it;

The fourth quarter of 2006 will herald a new era for Nintendo with the launch of its remarkable new Wii™ home video game system. But that’s not what this news item is about! How could that be, you ask? Perhaps the secret to the launch information for Wii is somehow encoded in the text of this news item. You might want to pore over it for a few hours before staying up all night to debate phraseology and comma placement with your friends online. Or maybe it’s all just a scam to get you to read the other games we have launching this fall. One of the two.

As the weather cools down, the Nintendo portable game offerings heat up. FINAL FANTASY® V ADVANCE makes its way to Game Boy® Advance SP on Nov. 6. As series go, FINAL FANTASY is to video games what James Bond is to movies. FINAL FANTASY loyalists will enjoy an opportunity to debate which installment was best.

Nintendo DS™ owners are the big winners. Every week or so, another huge DS title hits, from the Touch Generations title Clubhouse Games™ to fan favorites like Elite Beat Agents™ and Yoshi’s Island™ 2. Clearly a gamer’s idea of paradise, here is Nintendo’s upcoming DS lineup:

Oct. 9: Clubhouse Games™
Oct. 16: Nintendogs™ (Dalmatian)
Oct. 23: Magical Starsign™
Oct. 30: Pokémon® Ranger
Oct. 30: Children of Mana®
Nov. 6: Elite Beat Agents™
Nov. 13: Yoshi’s Island™ 2
Dec. 4: Custom Robo™ Arena
Dec. 4: Kirby™ Squeak Squad

And, for Nintendo GameCube™ owners, The Legend of Zelda®: Twilight Princess will be available for you this fall. An enhanced version also will be a launch title for Wii. That will all happen on … Oh look, we’re out of space
so... what does this all meen well an article on joystick makes an interesting point;
The fourth quarter begins on October 1. Now look at the list. At least one game is released every Monday in the fourth quarter except for the following dates: October 2, November 20 and November 27. November 27 is after Black Friday, so it's out. November 20 is after the launch of the PS3, so that's out too. That leaves us with October 2. The Wii will launch on October 2.
so october the 2nd it is (for now)

*update* Found this on some boards, if you write WII in roman numerals it becomes VVII or 552 as seem as the 2 Vs are apart of the same letter we will take it as 10 (5+5) so that leaves us with 10/2 or october the tenth month on the second day, OMG this is more than a coincidence.


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