Friday, July 28, 2006

My Nintendo tee-shirts

My first Tee-shirt I ordered from the old Nintendo official magazine in the UK over a year ago, British game store gamestation now stocks this teeshirt (except its green in the one by me) among others, they sell for £9.99.

My second Nintendo Teeshirt was an absolutely lucky find, I found this tucked away at the back of a sales rail at a Bhs (british home store) which is a british home and clothing store which I would not normaly be in, but my sister was getting some school uniform. Any how, it was £7 and tucked away behind some little britain teeshirts.

My most recent teeshirt came from my local gamestation, which by the way is the largest game store here in the UK, although it is yet to be listed on there site. Please email us with your teeshirts so we can feature them on the site, if I get any more I will let you know.


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