Thursday, June 29, 2006

hmv promotes Wii

I went into my HMV today to find that the Gamecube software had been condensed into 2 rows, in place of the games on the other rows there was high quality leaflets with info on the Wii, so of course I picked one up and have scanned it for you. Does this mean that the Wii is close, as they are promoting it, perhaps Wii will get a surprise launch???


Clicking on the thumbnails will now take your straight to the hi-res versions


At 4:31 PM, Blogger babble said...

Hi Gex!?

Where are you from? In the UK?

At 7:29 PM, Blogger gexguy said...

Im from birmingham

At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

would you be willing to send me a copy over here in the USA? I could Paypal you the shipping costs, if that was a problem.

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

please post higher rez scans, I cant read the text.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Martin said...

For hi-res versions check out are flickr
click on the image you want then on all sizes to get hi-res versions

At 9:43 AM, Blogger gexguy said...

anonymous 1, I will be happy to send you one, i will link my paypal account and if you would like to email me at so we can disscuss details, i should beable to get it sorted out in the next couple of days, if anybody else would like one please email me and i will try to find out postage costs.

anonumous 2, there is a link at the bottom os the introduction text which will take you to our flikr account with large resolution images.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger gexguy said...

correction, just email me and i will send you a request for the shipping costs which should be around $3.50 but i will check at the post office


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