Friday, June 23, 2006

Not DS lite day :-(

Well sure ltb0ngo may have his DSlite but for me it is a much sadder tale. What I had Planned to do was to go down to the HMV next to the place I work, go to an ATM, extract £120 and get a lite and a copy of brain training. Before leaving my house I checked on the Internet to see what my bank balance was... and it was £0.18. This confused me as I expected to see my earnings from the last 3 weeks in there, but they werent. So I decided to go down there anyway to ask at the place I work to see what was going on, after my 30 minutes bike ride I arrived only to be told that because I was not with the company at the start of the month I wont get paid till next month!!! Just to rub salt into the wound aswell, HMV had an offer on so that you get a lite and brain training for £110.

to quote Robert Burns;
"The best-laid schemes o' Mice an' Men
Gang aft a-gley,"
Which to the unscotish of you means that no matter how much you plan ahead things are still likly to go wrong.


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