Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2:5 ratio of white to black DS's at a store near me!!!

Being poor :( I have no money to pre-order a DSlite, however I do get my first ever paycheck on the 23rd which is the european Lite release date (I think it is fate). So Yesterday I went into the HMV right next door to the JJB that I work at, to ask what my chance was of getting a Lite without a Pre-order. The guy then informed me that they were to get 32 whites and 80 blacks and hadn't filled out many preorders (It is situated in the Fort shopping park which is full of clothes shops with no rural area within walking distance so this is to be expected). I was shocked that there were to be more Blacks than Whites (not being racist) let alone at that ratio. Anyway, I dont think I will be in work on Friday, but I will probly make my way over to the HMV to spend my earnings for the last three weeks work.


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