Friday, April 21, 2006

Interesting rumor from nintendorks

The Revolution "nunchuck" attachment (the part with the joystick, which is held in the left hand in photos like this one) has *its own* accelerometer inside of it. This means that the Revolution is capable of detecting the motion and position of *both* pieces of the nunchucks.

I don't think this is something that anyone realized before. And at first it may not even make sense. But consider a "first-person sword-slasher" game that
played like this:

  • You move around (walk forward, strafe to the side) by using the joystick with your left hand.
  • You turn your character's "head" by turning and moving around the left nunchuck piece. You point it up, your view looks up; you point it left, your view
    turns left.
  • You can swing a sword by swinging the "right nunchuck", i.e. the "remote control" piece.

I'm not saying that I've heard of a game being made that works that way; I'm just pointing out the extra capabilities which this could provide.

If this is true (and again, I believe this rumor is quite reliable), it's an additional level of depth in the Revolution controls which may not have been previously realized. Essentially you have dual 3D mice... which is pretty cool.


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