Thursday, April 20, 2006

DS-x2 says june for european DSlite release

"The Nintendo DS Lite, while probably one of the most talked handhelds t the moment, the releasedetails remained unknown... Until now.

A while ago, we managed to get you the first snippits on the Nintendo DS Lite's European launch details. While then we were told a European release in August, our source now claims that his information may have been incorrect. When asked, our source now claims a possible European release this June. As he continues, both the delayed Brain Training series (which was originally planned for a release in May, but was delayed due to 'marketing reasons') and Nintendo's newest addition to the Nintendogs (Dalmations-edition) will both hit Europe in June.

Unfortunately there's some bad news too: our source told us that he was not entirely sure whether Europe will see all three variations of the DS Lite. At the moment, he tells, it looks more or less unlikely to see all 3 in Europe, although there's still room to change."


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