Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bull? you decide

I found this on a forum it is relly nice info, to nice for my likeing

"I have news that is 100% real. I am a very trustworthy member of these forums, Kevin can tell you that. My brother is a lawyer who has helped me un cover some patents and some to do with Nintendo, the information has been very interesting. I also have a half sister who is on her way to becoming quite the actress, my sister isn't that close to me. She is 31 years old and i had not spoken to her for about 3
months as she lives in New York and is usually quite busy but is free now as it's easter. I was talking to her yesterday thought it would only be a quick chat, during the conversation she asked if if was doing anything next month and i said 'yeah i am waiting for the BOMB' and she said 'what' i said the revolution is going to be revealed at E3. At that point the conversation became very interesting. She said to me that last summer she worked at LucasArts. She said that in her acting classes she had a friend who's father workerd for LucasArts and that the father was always pushing him to get into the games industry and that he wanted to
be an actor and at that point my sister said she told his friend how she has always wanted to have a little summer job for a games company. So this friend got her some position in LucasArts for about three and a half months. She was not doing anything for the summer so she took the job. My sister saud that her job was nothing fancy, she was to be a tea girl, to serve tea and coffee, biscuits, sandwiches, cakes, etc etc.
This tea job was about to change for the better, my half sister has a way with people. She is very good at manipulating people, she uses this to get ahead in life, well i got to say that a lot of women are like this, men as well. Anyone has to be like this if you want to get into hollywood. The film industry is so demanding everyone is trying to cut you up. Anyway she worked at LucasArts and said that she made a lot of friends
in the first few days. I think she dated some of the guys because when i told her that i really want to know just what Nintendo are doing with their new games console 'the revolution'. I said there is so much secrecy and she said maybe i can help you. So she says i will call them and get back to you half an hour later.

My sister calls and said the conversation went extremly good, she said that this guy named Hugh gave a lot of information, and she said that she dated this Hugh for about 2 months while she was working their and said that he kind of owed her for something she did for him while they were going out. Anyway so
instead of me typing everything word for word of exactly how the conversation goes. I will just get right to it.

Revolution comes in 5 colours at launch (red, green, white, silver, black,) more colours to be released during the launch window.

Revolution to get a world wide launch

Final name is Nintendo RS = Revolution System

At E3 final name will be told

4 revolution packages:

Pack 1 = Revolution Console, Revmote, Nunchuck, Red Steel
Pack 2 = Revolution Console, Revmote x2, Red Steel,
Pack 3 = Revolution console, Revmote x2, Red Steel, NVIS
Pack 4 = NVIS

Nintendo ON was real as in made to be only a prototype system and the video was to be leaked on purpose by Nintendo to cause a huge viral marketing campaign. The above packages i have mentioned NVIS this is the new visor that is made to blend in with the current and final Revolution deisgn that we have all seen. But expect the design to be smaller than what you saw at GDC at launch. NVIS stands 'Nintendo, Virtual, Imerssive, space'. NVIS is still a codename.

Worldwide Revolution lanuch June 1st, it needs to be launched in this month as after you see the
full package with NVIS at E3 people will be so hyped that having a worldwide launch for June is the
perfect way to win the console war. In my opinion it would be better to release NVIS on the
launch day of PS3. But Nintendo have bigger plans as they are going to have an even
bigger lanuch. Firstly 20 games at launch and to counter the PS3 launch there will be a further 10 top games launched on launch day of PS3. George Harrison said that a third of the 20 launch titles are firs t party Nintendo titles. Well the reason behind this is because those games will be made to use the NVIS. Only nintendo at this point have final devkits which include the NVIS. But the game Red Steel is one exception it is made to use the NVIS. Even though the article in the latest Game Informer said that red steel production started just after E3 2005 and your thinking how can this game be finsihed intime for June 1st launch. Well you have to remember what President Satouri Iwata said last year, that Revolution games can be made in half the time to the competetion, he stated 12-18 months. And Red Steel will be incredible and ready for launch, well this is according to the guy having the conversation with my sister.

George harrison has mentioned that they are thinking of having 2 revmotes in the Revolution box.
So your asking yourself why would they do that? Maybe so you can play 2 player, well that is one reason and there is another. The 2 revmotes can be used while using the NVIS, you can control both hands in the game and see them move in real time through the NVIS view.

The NVIS has motion sensing to sense where you are walking in the real world. Which is why instead of having the nunchuk to control movemnent you just have 2 Revmotes.

LucasArts are also working on a title that uses the NVIS. This is how they know all this information,
LucasArts is such a big company and i am sure whoever leaked this to my sister is not going to get into any trouble as how would they know. It seems that a lot of people at LucasArts know about the Revolution.

Red Steel screenshots are more of just to show fans what to expect, when you see the game running at E3 it will have graphics even better looking than the screenshots that we have all seen and everyone will say 'wow' but they won't then say oh but MGS4 on PS3 looks better or Gran Turismo or Oblivion or Fight Night Round 3 looks better. No they will actually say wow to Revolutions incredilbe graphics.

Revolution will be priced at $180. European price has not been set as of yet but will be made public at E3 along with the US price quoted above.

The reason why at last E3 Nintendo mentioned that they may not ever reveal Revolution specs is because the revolutions new architecture won't allow you to see the specs, as in you are not allowed to take apart the Revolution to find out it's hardware inner workings. The Revolution has gone thorugh some desgin laws and Nintendo holds a new kind of license, that in simple words is that if a user tries to open up
the system it will not only void the warranty but also make the system unusuable and only a Nintendo factory technician can fix the hardware. The hardware uses a special kind of battery built into the chipset so that when the revolution has been disconnected from the mains the Revolution is still on inside via this
battery power and if you try to tamper with the revolution it will cause the chipset which has a programming node that always stays on and it detects if any of the hardware is being tamperd with and if so it switches off all internal hardware which kills the board and stops people from hacking the box to prevent piracy. If you do tamper with it then the only way to fix this is to have it sent off to the factory for fixing.

How does the battery power last well every time you connect the Revolution back to the mains while playing games the battery recharges through the mains power, it only needs a very small recharge of about 15 minutes.

The revolution hardware can be upgraded, Nintendo believe that the hardware can last 10 years, at the moment it uses a whole range of incredible graphics that is on par with second generation XBOX 360 games. 5 years from now instead of having to redesign a new console they can use new grpahical tricks that can make the console last another generation. The architecture of both the graphic and central
procesisng chips were made to feature this much customisation for the future. By using all sorts of graphic tricks which it does not need to use now the hardware can last many years, well into 10 years from now. The chip has been designed so Nintendo in the future can release extra chips which you can purchase and plug into the revolution. Just like the N64 RAM add on that made the graphics in some N64 games better, i remember back in the days getting this, it made Perfect Dark to look souped up. But this is far more advance. That mystery port under the blue light that everyone is talking about on the revolution is where it will hold these graphic add ons.

Ubisoft playing a game with us, in the Game Informer Red Steel screenshots they had a photoshoot of them holding the Revmote and Nunchuk up to their eyes and then having a real sword held infront of their eyes, your thinking why did they do this? Well for a good reason, remember back at last E3, there were some videos released by Nintendo showing Perrin kaplan and Reggie Fills Aime aswell as some other Nintendo employee. They were a few second long clips and the camera zoomed into Reggie's eyes well this is all a hint to the NVIS. The sword that ubisoft held to their eyes as well as the Revmote is to show you that while wearing the NVIS in the game you can bring the motion sensing Revmote up to your eyes and in the game you will see it as a real sword through the NVIS and then you can draw the sword out and take a slash. All very clever hinting by ubisoft.

LucasArts employee also talks about a new game that uses the NVIS. Miyamoto and Iwata have worked with LucasArts on new Starwars game currently codenamed 'Jedi Master - There can only be One'. You play as either Luke Skywalker, Obi One Konobi or Darth Vader. You have a whole selction of light Sabers to Choose from and can do all your favourute moves with 2 Revmotes.

There is an addon that will be shown at E3 for the Revmote that allows you to wear the Revmote on a wrist band and wear a kind of key ring on your finger which holds a sort of grip in your palm and with this you can feel the weight and grip of things in games while usng the NVIS.

The NVIS works by using one laser projector that beams a video signal into some sort of optics via mirrors that split the image into two sperate images, one for each eye. Not much info here other than the fact that the reason Nintendo are not going HD is that to have a visor using this new laser projector would cost too much to manafacturer to have a 1280x720p image so the laser frequency will be enough to give a signal with a resolution of 800x600 resolution. Games will be expereinced in 480p on tv's and 800x600 in the NVIS. What really blew me away was when my sister said that the guy mentioned to her that the companys that are developing this visor tech is Leep VR and Siemens. Now Leep VR is the comapny that i mentioned that i had several email conversations with. If you don't know that then you can find the link to this thread that i posted all the conversations that i had here (cutting and pasting links is not working for me for some reason so just do a forum search for username ibelieve, the name of the post is 'The email that may prove the Nintendo ON is real, amazing email conversation with this VR company'.

So i told my sister all this news and i got her to call again this guy at LucasArts so she can ask
about this VR company and they said that some very high figures in this company know about them working with Nintendo, i had emails conversations with this guy who seemd to know a lot about their tech and you can read about their HMD's (Head Mounted Displays) and their tech on their website here obviously for secrecy reasons they wouldn't tell me if they are working on the Revolution. This company has been in the VR business for 25 years and all the top HMD' that have been used in the themparks all over the world and available to the consumer use their optics, the Leep optics which create Orthoscopic Stereo 3D. The guy that my sister spoke to from LucasArts mentions that the NVIS uses their optics in a new way with the laser projector to create a full 360 degree view for all Revolution
games, they of course work perectly for first person perespective games.

To stop a hazard while using the NVIS if you go and walk out of the infared motion sensing zone, then the NVIS automatically shuts off, this is to prevent someone from walking around there house and tripping over.

Nintendo ON is the name used for Revolution's Online gaming service.

All the above revolution packages will be released in all 5 diferent colors
for launch and more colour packages during launch window.

There will also be polariazed glasses that can be bought seperately. If you own a projector, a lot of XBOX 360 owner's do, Then you can experience the streoscopic 3D games via polarized glasses instead of using the NVIS and you will still get the pop out of the screen out of screen effects like in the imax cinemas.

2007 brings another addon which will allow you to experience 3D movies, LucasArts said more will be known on this near the end of the year. The NVIS was the most cost effective way that Nintendo could release full immersion than with just releasing polarized glasses. Everyone would have to have compatible TV sets and not everyone has a projector. So they wanted to make one system that everyone can use and the way to do this was to make the NVIS.

Well that is prety much all that my sister gave me, I will review this write up later to see if i missed anything.

Man i have been trying to type this as fast i can, now i need a break. It does look like this is all incredible news. And i wouldn't think my sister is lying to me nor this employee maybe the NDA's really are ending for some."


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