Friday, June 02, 2006

Wii won the battle but can Wii win the war

At last months E3 games conference Wii was deffinatly star of the show boasting 6 hour queues, it has since then been awarded best in show by 37 outlets(link). With wall street screaming out at people to sell their stocks in sony(link) due to the falling prices because of the PS3 price plan. Aswell as this with Nintendo`s stock prices rising to the highest they have been in four years can we expect the Wii to go down a storm with people, latest poll`s seem to hint to;

Do you plan to buy a Wii?

Yes, but I'm a big Nintendo fan39.2%29443
Yes, the E3 demos sold me on it18.82%14135
Maybe, I have to try one first23.4%17579
Probably not, I'm not a believer5.33%4004
No, I'd rather play my 360/PS3/PC13.25%9951

compared to;

Do you plan to buy a PlayStation 3?

Yes, the full $600 version22.69%16643
Yes, the limited $500 version4.19%3077
Maybe, if I see some good games15.05%11043
Probably not, it's just too expensive24.92%18286
No, I'd rather play a Wii/PC/36033.14%24316

with final results being;

Poll of the Day

Which of the three next-gen consoles do you think you'll own by this time next year?

All three6.62%6257
PS3 and Wii16.69%15774
PS3 and 3605.28%4986
Wii and 36013.18%12455
Just a 3605.31%5022
Just a PS317.03%16093
Just a Wii27.57%26052
None of them8.32%7865


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