Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New DS info

satora iwata gave a speech in a DS conference recently revealing some exciting things about the DS/DS lite.

1. There will be a web browser program from opera and a TV tuner-link
2.there will be a Wifi enabled winning eleven for the console-link

3. Release dates for Japan including the new Mario Bros game (may)-link

4.more from the "touch generation", games similar to brain training. link
there will be travelers support, which acts like a translator
Kanji hand writing trainer
and a cook book
all of these are currently only planed for Japan.

other things mentioned were;

- Tetris: April 3800yen (budget woohoo)
- Children of Mana video shown
- Xenosaga video shown
- New Super Mario Brothers: May 4800yen
- Super Robot Wars
- Dynasty Warriors


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