Thursday, September 14, 2006

Japan release date and package

2006 September 14th
The nintendo co. corporation

2006 December 2nd, 25,000 Yen
“WiiTM” sale

Because the Nintendo Co. corporation December 2nd this year (Saturday), (consumption including tax desired retail price) with the country 25,000 Yen new amusement machines “Wii” which create the electronic amusement experience inside completely new home to sell, we inform.

This Wii which we sell (pronounces “[ui]”) or less is included in substance set.

*Wii itself ×1
*Wii remote control strap attachment ×1
* [nunchiyakukontorora] ×1
*Wii private AC adapter ×1
*Wii private AV cable ×1
*Wii itself private stand ×1
*Wii itself private auxiliary plate ×1
*Wii private sensor bar ×1
* Plug server stand ×1
* Single three dry cell batteries ×2

Furthermore, overseas, it is the schedule which in the next few days is announced from the respective local subsidiary company in regard to sale schedule and price.


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