Wednesday, September 13, 2006

HMV email says November 24th, £149.99

here it is;

I am sure you have heard the news about the delay of the launch of PS3 console, but the good news is that the rumoured release date for Nintendo Wii is 24th November 2006 with the anticipated price for the console said to be only £149.99*.

Confirmation of the above is hard to come by at the moment as Nintendo are playing it close to their chest, although we expect there to be further announcements in the next couple of weeks to coincide with the Tokyo Games Show.

We are conscious that many of you will be desperate to place an actual order and reserve a copy on the launch date. It may be that Nintendo announce the details to the public at the same time as retail but rest assured that we will pass these on to
you as soon as we can. As a Registered Games Rewards Cardholder, we will still endeavour to give you at least 48 hours prior notice before we start taking
pre-orders, but to some extent we are all waiting on Nintendo announcing plans.

* Release date and console price may be subject to change.
I dont believe the Tokyo show bit, but this close to the upcoming press conferences perhaps they do know what they are talking about with the release and price and are using the TGS as a cover story.


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