Wednesday, June 07, 2006

dodgy google translation reveiling new SSBB details including new characters and lost ones (is fake)

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The news abounds in connection with the next bomb of Nintendo.

This time they are new names, in the absence of new faces, which are revealed to us through an interview granted by Masashiro Sakurai to the radio transmission of Tokyo “The Gaming Show”.

It confirmed that the following characters will appear in new the opus of Bros Smash:

Bowser Junior

Ridley, the famous enemy of Samus

Link version Wind Waker

Then certain characters will disappear:

Ice Climbers

Mr. Game & Watch

Link version child

Link version child will not really disappear since it will be simply replaced by the Cell-shading version and its name will be always the same one.

The fans of Falco will be with the angels, since it as confirmed as the characters who do not test formerly that “clones” will remain but will be worked over again to offer a true panel of blows to them.

In his opinion, the lack of interest of the fans for Game & Watch and Ice Climbers were obvious and it has to decide to replace them by Pit of Kid Icarus.

Pit should be the only one representing of the “old school” and the traditional ones.

It finally affirmed that the total number characters should approach forty, leaving place for about fifteen new like one or two characters of third editors.

In addition here a point on the already introduced characters:


Name: Meta Knight

First Appearance: Kirby

New Character

Known capacity: Multiple jumps


Name: Pit

First Appearance: Kid Icarus

New Character

Known capacity: Multiple jumps


Name: Zero Samus Follows

First Appearance: Metroid Zero Mission


Known capacity: transformation of the Gun into Whip


Name: Wario

First Appearance: WarioWorld

New Character

Known capacity: Flatulence, “Wario Waft”


Name: Snake

First Appearance: Metal GEAR

New Character

Known capacity: Explosives


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