Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sorry... igns summary

sorry about the mixup but here is ign's summary:

9:35 -- Matt Casamassina reports in: "Nintendo conference about to begin. Kodak Theatre is packed. We're in the second row."

9:36 -- Conference begins. Shigeru takes stage. Lot of applause. HoldsWii-remote. Dressed like conductor. Conducts the Zelda theme as a symphony of digital characters play music behind them. Photos snap like crazy.

(9:37) -- Cameras snap. Cut to Excite Truck playing -- a brand new Wii racing game. Miyamoto dances to the music.

(9:38) -- Red Steel footage.

(9:38:43 AM): Music stops.

(9:39:02 AM): Reggie takes stage. "If all you want s next genration, you're in the wrong place" Unveiling next leap in gaming, he says. No longer confined to just the few -- it's about eveyone, he says. The next leap is about playing because playing is believing, he says.

(9:39:53 AM): Nintendo log on-screen. Playing = believing. Same animation Nintendo released on-line

(9:40:22 AM): Four Wii controllers.

(9:40:30 AM): People playing drums with two Wii controllers.

(9:40:30 AM): People playing Wii -- drums with two Wii controllers. Someone else hitting tennis balls. Then golf. Both with very simple graphics.

(9:41:38 AM): Mario footage. Mario is Jumping through space. Usingf the Wii remote to make him do things. Looks like a neat version of Super Mario Sunshine.

(9:42:10 AM): Pilotwings. Looks pretty good.

(9:42:51 AM): Metroid Prime footage.Looks very similar to Prime 2.

(9:42:58 AM): Ping Pong. Then some Running. Then WarioWare. Baseball, you swinging a bat.

(9:43:44 AM): More Red Steel footage.

(9:44:07 AM): Zelda. It's the Cube's Zelda: Twilight Princess. You do aiming and shooting hook shot with Wiimote.

(9:44:39 AM): Wii console shown in white again.

(9:45:02 AM): Link fishes with Wii-mote. 2006 promised.

(9:45:18 AM): Video montage ends. Reggie takes stage. DS on background. Drawing parallels between DS and Wii. "Wii from Nintendo will change game control forever," he says. "Today, you will see. And tomorrow, you will begin to feel." Says Nintendo has answers to some questions today, but not to all.

(9:47:06 AM): "Do you know someone even in your own family who has never played a videogame? I bet you do." This has to change if gaming will really be considered mass-market. Wii will be the system to change that.

(9:48:02 AM): Says Nintendo will speak about the system, the name, the price and the availability today. Will also explain gamers' "WTF" question of why the name.

(9:48:30 AM): Reggie basically says that Microsoft and Sony's focus on graphics and same-old gaming was fatal, and that history is littered with companies who fell because they did not advance.

(9:49:27 AM): Points in contrast to the gameplay innovations in Super Mario 64. Called the game a starting point for Wii. Nintendo wanted to make games that feel entirely new to people.

(9:50:02 AM): Wii will give you more fun for less money and you'll be playing Wii in the fourth quarter for 2006.

(9:51:04 AM): Talking about Wii name. Says he would like to thank people who liked it the first day it was announced. "All two of you," he added.

(9:51:20 AM): Onto third parties, he promises big things on the way.

(9:51:31 AM): Cuts to more gameplay montage. Metroid Prime 3. DBZ. New Fire Emblem! SpongeBob.

(9:52): Super Mario Galaxy! Elebits. Red Steel (same footage as earlier), Rayman 4, Super Swing Golf Pangea, Project H.A.M.M.E.R., One Piece, Madden, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles!, More zelda


(9:55): World Premere of Twilight Princess Playing from Wii. "Very basic control will be very familiar" movement controlled with the analog on the nunchucku. Wii version has a presence of a fairy that lets you know where you're pointing.
"point and shoot" aim, no more inversion.
Wii remote has a speaker!
Within the remote you will hear the bow draw back, tighten, and release.

(9:58): Built in rumble feature, feel attacks. Just went from "the greatest Zelda game ever" from Reggie to "probably going to be one of the greatest Zelda games ever" from Bill who is leading the Wii demo.

(10:01):Rotatation with the nunchucku for "spin attack"

(10:02) Zelda's big bass fishing feature to be shown tomorrow.

(10:02): Two versions of Zelda: Twilight Princess. One for GameCube one for Wii.

(10:03): Metroid Prime: Corruption shown-- "most intutitive first-person shooter ever" - Reggie

(10:04): Excite Truck "Now you hold the wheel of the big damn truck" -Reggie

(10:05): Disaster - a game where you fight mother nature and have very hip hair.

(10:06): "Look up the Mother Ship is about to land." - Reggie showing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

(10:07): Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, Rayman

(10:07): Specific number of launch games is not revealed. The 27 games on the floor tomorrow does not include the virtual console games.

(10:08): Red Steel Demo begins with a man with a fantastic French accent.
"You are in the game" demo man-- real-time physics, soft bodies (ragdoll effects demoed) huge explosions. Various weapons- shotgun demoed.
Enemies go for cover, flank, "keep the action fast-paced"

(10:11): In Red Steel--Enemies have different target areas on their body, will react differently depending on where you shoot them. One button can freeze time and take time to aim-- decide to shoot them or make them give up.

(10:14): Red Steel cont... Draw a sword, and demoed controlling the sword fighting by wielding the wiimote.

(10:15): Reggie intros George Harrison to talk about the DS.
(10:16):He talks about what DS has sold-- 16 million units since launch. 1.3 million wi-fi connections so far. Sales of Brain Age very good 120,000 units sold in three weeks.
(10:18): "Touch Generation" with Sudoku games
(10:19): Yoshi's Island, Diddy Kong, and Final Fantasy III - with improved 3-d graphics
(10:20): Chat in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam over Wi-Fi in real-time!
(10:21): Zelda: Phantom Hourglass shown!
(10:21): More than 100 more DS games between now and the end of the year!
(10:21): Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: "you are pokemon" "speak with over 380 Pokemon"
(10:22): Iwata comes on stage
(10:23): Talking about games to reinvent relationship between player and game to bring in non-gamers with core gamers.
(10:25): Wii controller breaks down the barrier between non-gamers and gamers "most gamers have wonderful memories of games they used to play. Virtual console will bring them together again." - Iwata
(10:26):"If I have to wait 30 or 40 seconds for a game to load I know I am frustrated and I don't want to play" -Iwata "Wii's virtual console can power up games in just a few seconds"
(10:29): Wii is never off. Wii provides a number of services even when it is off.
Wii Connect 24 constantly connected to the internet. Can bring content even when you're not playing.
Even in standby, say in Animal Crossing, people can drop off items for you. "A system that is new everyday" -Iwata. "To reach people that have never played (games)" -Iwata before"
(10:31): Wii Sports- should be playable by core gamers and non-gamers alike, increasing the number of people in the house who play. The Wii goal is to destroy the walls between people who play games and people who don't. "Provide anyone with fresh new experiences, for everyone everyday. This is our answer." -Iwata
(10:33): Miyamoto announces the sweepstakes winners who get to go on stage with him and play tennis with the Wiimote.
(10:35): Miyamoto knocks it out of bounds in Tennis... screams like a girl. Scott Dyer wins the sweepstakes. Will play tennis against Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto!
(10:38): Reggie asks for a "wii-match" after losing.
(10:39): Miyamoto and Sweepstakes winner win the tennis match.
(10:39): Reggie back on stage- "It's hot if it's disruptive. It's not if it's predicable."
"We are not afraid of risk." - Reggie
(10:41): Conference ends.


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