Monday, May 08, 2006

prediction round up

With under 24 hours left till the Pre E3 press conference I have compiled all the predictions I and ltb0ngo have made over the past 3 weeks. Plus I have added the last one for good measure.

1. Super Smash Bros Revolution will be a showcase in the talk and will be playable on the show floor.

2. All DS's on the show floor will be Lite's and if we don’t know already by then we will be given definite release colours/dates for America (and maybe Europe).

3. A nintendogs sequel will be announced and shown. it will either be a new pet game for the DS or another doggy game for the Revolution.

4. Zelda twilight princess will be giving it large, playable in both Revolution and Gamecube versions, all plans for the title including a new provisional release date.

5. Pokemon pearl/diamond will be shown, will have GBA style exploration with pokemon stadium style battles full nintendogs style command learning (voice active) and a lobby system for wifi so you can have multiple trainers in the "lobby" so they can challenge each other for 1on1 or 2on2 battles.

6. The revolution name will be revealed as ... Revolution.

7. Metroid prime 3 will be the steal of the show impressing all in graphics and interface, we will be told it will be out in the "launch window" supporting an impressive multiplayer with wifi support.

8.We will see the revolution controller shell and it will be demoed with a few games.

9. A whole host of supporters for the virtual console will be announced such as Capcom, Namco and acclaim.

10. Literally trillions of jokes will be made about the Wii with its new name.

11. A F-Zero DS game wiill be shown iin playable form.

12. A Star fox DS game wiill be shown iin playable form.

13. Pennet chase Baseball wiill be shown as a Wii tiitle and wiil be out for launch.

14. Some one will steel a wiimote (most likely a anonymous Sony/Microsoft employee)

15. Nintendo will mention Apple.

16. Wii will all be surprised by the super Mario bros Wii.

17. Super smash bros DS will be announced if not shown.

18. There will be a Pikmin Wii or DS shown.

19. The accelerometer in the nunchuck will be confirmed.

20. Miyamoto's new game will blow people away.

And lastly…



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