Monday, April 10, 2006

Metroid Hunters Reveiw

First a waring this is not a Prime title as it has no reference to metroid prime or phazon at all. Aside from this, this is a fantastic game. Unpredictable and exciting you never know which of the six new hunters is around the corner to steel the much treasured octaliths. If you do get killed by one of these other hunters they may run away with the octalith to another planet so you have to hunt them down to reclaim the keys to the ultimate power. This solid single player mode will sap away hours of your life this is without delving into the fantastic multiplayer, with your choice of any of the hunters you have beat in the main game you can try one of seven modes on about 25 maps against up to 3 other people or clever Bots, or if you are feeling very ambitious you can take yourself online to try and fight it out with anyone across the globe.

The best game on the DS a must buy.



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