Sunday, April 09, 2006

I present Red Steel

The first details are reveiled about a Revolution launch title along with images
Via way of Game Informer Magazine's exclusive hands-on report, new information regarding Ubisoft's Revolution launch title Red Steel has come forth in the upcoming May issue.

Regarding gameplay details, players will have control over a sword and an assortment of firearms. The sword can be swung around to attack or be held in a defensive position to block oncoming attacks, while the gun can be tilted in any manner the player desires using the Revolution controller's motion-sensing capabilities. In addition, jumping over or taking cover behind objects is done simply with a flick of the free-hand unit, and reloading the gun is performed by pulling back on the controller. Additionally, players can simulate the tossing of a grenade by swinging the controller in the desired direction. Finally, Ubisoft mentioned that Red Steel would include some form of online multiplayer.

According to Game Informer's article, Ubisoft was one of the first companies to start experimenting with Revolution's functionality. After learning of the controller's motion-sensing capabilities, the development team immediately began playing with the remotes laying around their offices as a means of discovering what movements were most fun to engage in. Ubisoft's engineers emulated the motions for digging, throwing, swinging and more, and proceeded to present their findings to Nintendo.

"We got tons of ideas of interactions, and these are what we brought to Japan when we went to see Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto," said Damien Moret, the development team's marketing game manager.

A number of the team's experiments have no doubt found their way into Red Steel. Ubisoft and Nintendo have apparently been collaborating very closely on the game's development, exchanging ideas and exploring the possibilities of the new controller. More information about Red Steel will likely be revealed at E3 in May.


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