Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Iwata GDC speach tommorow

tommorow there is set to be a speach by the president of nintendo Satora Iwata <<<<. the Games Developers Conference is one of the top 3 gaming conferences of the year (the others being E3 and TGS) and it was last year that satora revieled a lovely zelda video, so there is high hopes for his speach this year. i have decided to make the same predictions as reggies speach back in febuary so here is an edited list;

  1. The success of the DS and the Wi-Fi connection- I am sure he will bost about sales figures and the success of new inovative franchises (nintendogs, brain training) attracting new audiences- chance:99.99%
  2. Targets for the Revolution- may admitt Gamecube sales are a dissapointment and set sales targets for the revolution - chance:70%
  3. Anounce the real name of the Revolution- answer the question that is on everyones lips- chance:70%(has been rumored)
  4. Show Revolution footage- May show another Video like the the one at TGS with people using the controler or a clipit of a game or two such as super smash bros, metroid prime 3 and the long awaited Mario 128- chance:50%
  5. will anounce DSLite release details for the U.S.- although we already have suspision to believe that it will be released mid May, it it likely that it will be officialy reveiled on thursday-chance:90%
  6. the revolutions "other feature"- we know there is something yet to be reveiled thanks to shigeru but I think they will save it for E3 in May-chance:20%
  7. Revolution games anounced- possibly some titles from third parties will be anounced- chance:35%
  8. will show a video of developers comments on the revolution-like at TGS the lack of game footage may be compensated by some possitive comments - chance:65%
  9. will reveil that the revolution will play biscuits and make toast- ???-chance:0.00000000000000000000000000056%
  10. will show some new zelda footage showing some revolution compatability features- chance:50%

any way here are the times and i will post anything i hear;
10:30 am California, Nevada, British Columbia (PST)

11:30 am Arizona, New Mexico, Alberta (MST)

12:30 pm Louisiana, Arkansas, Manitoba (CST)

13:30 pm New York, Virginia, Quebec, Ontario (EST)

6:30 pm UK, Portugal (GMT)

7:30 pm Germany, France, Spain, Italy (CET)

The following times are for Friday, 24th of March:

2:30 am Western Australia (AWST)

4:00 am Northern Territory, South Australia (ACST)

4:30 am Queensland, New South Wales (AEST)

6:30 am New Zealand (NZST)
i will keep you updated


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