Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Challenge.

Your challenge;
You must do all the tracks in order on mario kart DS. You must try to make sure that the person who comes second to you gets as few points as possible.
You must have the following setup in verses mode:

that is:
Class: 150cc
CPU kart: HARD
Courses: in order
Rules: Races 32
Teams: off

You must finnish in first place and to get a valid claim you must beat my score of 227 which Daisy got (your second place must have a score less than this).
You are free to use what ever character any claims must be sent to with your own copys of the 2 result pictures that I have provided.
Any entries recieved before the 31st of March will recieve a reply email with there PRIZE!!!!!!!!!

good luck.
and dont cheat because you will only be cheating yourself.

the best result will be posted on the 1st of April along with a new competition (proberly metroid hunters related, if i get it in time)


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