Wednesday, February 22, 2006

tallon crabs art

Hello this is Tallon Crab and some art I have done about nintendo games.

This is supposed to be the large bird that you have to fight in Zelda the Wind waker, but I think the colours I've used look more like what twilight princess enemies may look like, but let's hope those birds won't be in the new game(lets hope they are. Gex).

These are some kind of prehistoric sea creatures actually not that far off metroid creatures, especially the blue lobster thing.

These are some of my metroid
designs for Prime 3, the larger one
being a sort of cousin to Metroid
Prime (but retaining the conventional
metroid look).

Feel free to leave me any comments about anything you would like me to draw (he will do it. Gex)! More pictures will be on the way soon( yeh right. Gex).


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