Monday, May 01, 2006

Madden Wii interview reveils nunchuka secret

In an interview with IGN, a EA spokes person revieled a nice little detail about the nunchuka;

IGN: So you’re using the free-hand style pointer. How are you using the nunchuck unit?

John Schappert: Well, it controls how you move your player.

IGN: Does you use the trigger buttons on the nunchuck unit?

John Schappert: You know, the buttons are all still being mapped out. It does use the trigger buttons right now. I don’t know how much we’ll have locked in for you at E3 because we are still working on the final button layout, but it does use the trigger buttons, and it does use the accelerometer in the nunchuck unit as well for juking.

IGN: Perfect. Could you just for clarification purposes give us an idea of how a typical play might work using the controllers?

John Schappert: So, you take the controller, jerk it up to snap. Quarterback now has the ball. Your passing icons are now up. Take the wand controller and you’ll see that the four directions on its D-Pad represent four of your receivers; the A button is your fifth receiver. Point to one of those receivers that you want to receive the ball and with your hand gesture a throwing motion to pass. Now, the harder you throw, the more that’s going to be a bullet pass. The softer and the more you lob a throw, the more that it’s going to be a lob. When you receive the ball, you run with the analog stick on the nunchuck and if you want to juke, you use the nunchuck to gesture it. And if you want to stiff-arm, you use the wand.

I have no idea what juking is but it sounds fun. If what he states is true wii are in for a whale of a time when we get out wii's (sword and shield anybody?)


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