Wednesday, April 26, 2006 revelations???

revogamings report:

So, what's that little disclaimer leading up to? Some pretty hefty revelations, if true. I'll say again that there's no question about the individual's authenticity as a Nintendo employee. The information that they've relayed to me is what they've heard in discussions from other Nintendo employees above them. They did not say that this was all set in stone, but rather that the latest release time frames they've heard, go something like this:
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released on the same day as Revolution, with both the GC and Rev content on the same disk. Furthermore, the title will be available in both a $50 (USD) version or $60 premium ("Gold") version, which will contain artwork and other materials, but no additions to the game.

-The DS Lite will be released with The NEW Super Mario Bros. This is where I'll know if my sourse has heard truth or is just spouting off some random possibilities being thrown around the company, because they stated that you will only be able to pre-order the new handheld for one week before it's available to North American gamers. That said, be looking forward to this news being revealed at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference.

-Finally, and biggest of all, the individual said, and I quote, "Lets just say September will be a REVOLUTIONARY month!" Upon my jaw hitting the floor, and a few choice words of excitement, they elaborated to not expect it until the end of September, but that the odds of it coming out at that time are looking promising. As long as everything goes according to plan, meaning Nintendo's suppliers and the Revolution's manufacturing plant(s) don't meet any hurdles, that's when we'll all be able to camp out for it. However, don't expect to hear this at E3, seeing as how Nintendo doesn't want to commit until everything is garunteed, so look for this announcement, to come some time around "Oh, how about August ."

Update: I forgot to mention one last thing. My source told me that George Harrison, when stating that there could be twenty games for launch, was saying this with the thought that it would come in September. If it is instead held back to October, there could be twenty five to thirty titles ready to go.
Well, maybe two last things. The September launch is depenedent on all the big software (another reason they don't want to give us a release date until they are certain the games will be ready). So, if big games like Red Steel, Smash Bros, and whatever else they're planning need a couple more weeks for fine tuning, they will hold off on the release. They want the launch to be huge, which means having every game there to give players a wide selection covering most, if not all, genres and ratings.


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