Friday, August 18, 2006

Tingle RPG commerical

Welcome to what could be one of the weirdest games on DS. First of here's the rough storyline from IGN:

A new RPG featuring the floating fool from recent entries in the Legend of Zelda series. You play as the Wind Waker/Majora's Mask treasure specialist when he was 35 and single, before his transformation into Tingle form. The main character gets word that he ought to head out to a spring. He does so, and along the way, he comes in contact with Rupeeji, a name that can be translated to Old Man Rupee. Rupeeji tells the main character that by collecting rupees and throwing them at the spring, he'll be lead to the dream land of Rupee Land. He accepts the quest and, through a magic spell, gets transformed into Tingle. Tingle has a guide in the game, a girl fairy called Pingle.

And here is the commerical:

And I still don't no what to think about it! Graphics look good and it sort of reminds me of zelda gameplay but I guess I'll have to wait to a English/American version launches


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