Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nintendo of Europe Press Release

23rd August 2006 - Challenging conventions, redefining the industry, leading the way with change and disruption - at last year’s Games Convention Nintendo made a bold statement that it would expand the definition of gaming.

Following today’s conference it is evident that Nintendo is delivering on its promises. With over 5 million DS owners across Europe, females making up 44% of all Nintendo DS owners in Germany and the huge success of the Touch! Generations range, Nintendo is clearly appealing to traditional gamers and non gamers.

In the coming year Nintendo will continue to expand the gaming industry with the launch of the highly innovative Wii. This year’s Games Convention saw the global premier of two brand-new 1st Party Wii titles, Mario Strikers Charged (tentative name) and Battalion Wars II. German football ace Philipp Lahm gave the audience a treat when his video message introduced Mario Strikers Charged, the all-new and improved version of Mario Smash Football. Nintendo also unveiled the new Battalion Wars II game for Wii and gave a demonstration of Wii showing how the innovative control mechanism allows people of all ages and experience levels to play together.

German quiz show host Joerg Pilawa gave a testimonial about the huge success of the Touch! Generations software and how the Nintendo DS has challenged convention since its launch. The perfect platform for the Touch! Generations titles, the Nintendo DS, which was developed to enlarge and diversify the gaming market has enabled people to play in ways never before imaginable.

Most recently, European consumers have gone mad for Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?, with over 500,000 copies being snapped up in just nine weeks from the game’s launch in June. From Nintendogs puppies - which have sold more than 600,000 copies in Germany and over 3 million across Europe - to the second world of Animal Crossing: Wild World - which has sold over 600,000 copies across Europe - the amazing software results have created a dramatic shift in the way that both game makers and the public think of video games.

Not only has the software flown off the shelves but sales of Nintendo DS are also going from strength to strength, further fuelled by the successful launch of the Nintendo DS Lite - the lighter, brighter redesign of the Nintendo DS which launched in Europe in June. In Europe sales of Nintendo DS are now well over 5 million and globally over 21 million have been sold. The popularity of the console is set to continue as Nintendo announces the launch of Nintendo DS Lite Pink on 27th October, the perfect accessory for those dark winter days.

With new ways to play and new categories of software, the success of Nintendo DS is setting the stage for Wii. Allowing players to ‘feel’ games in a way never known before, the Wii is set to redefine the standards of the industry even further. With more announcements about Wii to follow, consumers, no matter what their age or ability, can look forward to experiencing a whole new way of playing this year.


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