Monday, July 24, 2006

Will AMD buying ATI affect Nintendo?

Well the news is out AMD are buying ATI for $5.4 or $5.5 billion depending who you listen to and the questions is will this affect Nintendo and the other video game companies? There's a couple of things that could happen..

  • AMD could force Nintendo to use their processors inside the Wii 2 or refuse to let them use an ATI chipset which would make backwards compatablity hard. Doing this would risk AMD losing GPU contracts which would cost them a lot of money but they could keep the GPU contracts and gain CPU contracts which would mean a large amount of extra income
  • AMD and ATI find a way to make a very fast CPU/GPU in one and Nintendo adopt that but that would brake backwards compatabilty with the PowerPc archetechuire and as the 360 has proved software emulation isn't the greatest.
  • AMD intergrates ATI in computers but allows them to make GPUs for consoles without AMD processors.
Out of all the options personally I can see number 3 happing the most as AMD would get extra money from the computer side and would still get money from the consoles. Also they could develop the GPUs used in the consoles for computers as I believe they are doing with the 360 GPU.


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