Saturday, July 22, 2006

Miyamoto talks about Wii history and future games

Seems Miyamoto is a busy boy of late giving us lots of information of the Wii and its games. First of it seems that Nintendo were very close to dropping the speaker from the wii-mote but decided to keep it in as third parties requested it. On the game front however a couple of interesting things came out

"He let out one bit of information, confirming first if it was okay to reveal it. Nintendo is making a game in which four players play together by passing a single controller around. The controller calls out player names in order to indicate whose turn it is."

Sounds like something which might happen in Wario Ware to me.

"He also suggested another idea, a game where the controller quietly gives out secret information to individual players as their turn comes about."

Bring on the fights over who got the best secert informations and finally....

"Of the games that have been announced, I'm working fully on Zelda, and also working on Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. I'm also working on the product that was referred to as 'Remote Pointer Demo' at E3."

Anybody out there heard of "Remote Pointer Demo"?

So overal the Wii continues to sound kick arse now will you just tell us the release date and price already!!!


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