Thursday, June 29, 2006

DS Lite Review

Well I said it was coming sometime and it finally here. Welcome to the DS Lite review.


The pictures that I've posted and that others have posted don't no it justice. Its simple looking design is very apple like with very few lines and see through plastic to make it very shiny. The plastic covers all of the outside of the body apart from the hinge and the area below that. However this does have the draw back of lots of finger prints especially on the bottom where you'll be holding it.


Button and mic layout

First of all the 4 main buttons on the DS Lite and totally different from the ones on the original DS. They and a lot more soft and are more raised then the old ones which I think makes for a better playing experience. The D-pad has been made smaller and is now the size of the one on the original GBA, it takes a bit of getting used to but I'm now back to my old hunter kicking best. Just for all those left handed people out there the buttons have been moved up slighty and are no longer level with the D-pad, I don't not if this affects people using it as a D-pad so I'll just throw it out there. The start and select buttons have been moved below the main buttons and are now like the ones of the original GBA (little round circles).The microphone now sits between the two screens but u can still easily use it at least in Mario Kart where you can blow at the touch screen and it will work. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the power button is now a slider bar and sits on the right hand side.



Not much to say really longer and thicker then the original and now lives in the side of the console. Trust me it helps a lot.

Big one helps a lot

The Screens

When you pick up a Lite go through all your games on max brightness as it makes a world of difference and you'll see things you never knew where there before. I especially recommend doing this if you have Animal Crossing as it makes the game appear so beautiful.

Both on max Brightness

Wi-fi and battery life

It could just be a fluke but in my house at least the Lite has better range then the original DS! Also the battery is rated up to 19 hours on the lowest brightness although I have mine on 3 as it makes the games look great and I still get about 10-12 hours out of the battery.


Overall a fantastic upgrade to the system and the device finally matches the quality of the games. Sleek, small, sexy and ass kicking battery life the Lite has everything going for it and with some brilliant games like the New Super Mario Bros and Phantom Hourglass it just keeps getting better and better.


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